Kitchen dressers are slowly but surely making a comeback. They have just gotten back on the popularity tracks. But what are these kitchen dressers and which kitchen dresser should I choose? You can find the answer to these questions and by continuing to read this article.

What Is A Kitchen Dresser?

A kitchen dresser is a half sideboard in the lower part and half shelves in the upper part where you can store and even display your various plates, cups, bowls, and other kitchen utensils.

Its purpose is half functional, the storage part, but also half design and aesthetic oriented. You can display your collections of porcelains, fine Chinas, and other souvenir or vintage pieces for your kitchen that you might have.

The shelves can either be open or enclosed by a piece of glass which is meant to protect the items stored inside. 

A Brief History of Kitchen Dressers

Historically speaking, kitchen dressers were once used to, just like its name suggests, to dress food, to put it together, to add in the last details, before it would be served.

Depending on the regions, the kitchen dressers would be equipped differently, to support the needs of its owners.

As time went by, the kitchen dressers that were once used to prepare and serve the food went on to be used to display their owners’ most precious and beloved pieces of cutlery, porcelains, and linens.

They would even be placed in the dining room so that everyone would be able to see the collections it displays. 

These pieces of furniture and décor were mainly used in the United States of America as well as in England and its surrounding. Of course, the aspect of it would vary from one place to another and from one purpose it had to serve in a certain household to another.

Cultural Point of View 

The kitchen dressers were especially popular among middle-class families which could afford both the cabinet and all precious items on display. If today people compare their wealth by the quality of the phone they are owning, back then, your china was the dictator of your status.

The more you owned and the more embellished it was, the wealthier you were.

Kitchen Dressers Today

Nowadays, the kitchen dressers are coming back in style. If a few decades ago kitchen dressers were seen as outdated and replaced for something new, fresher and more modern, now it seems like they are making a comeback. And for the right reasons.

Kitchen dressers are good decorative pieces. They go with those vintage and retro vibes which are well sought by many décor aficionados. On top of that, they are also functional and can store your less “aesthetical” kitchen utensils.

They can serve as a conversation starter if you have guests over and can give your house the feeling of home and coziness.