The big kitchen is on its way out. People are all about efficiency these days and kitchens are on the way to being downsized along with couches, beds, and many other useful household items. This is particularly true in apartments, where for years large kitchens have been crammed into small spaces, to the detriment of the entire living space.

If you have an apartment that you are remodeling, or you want to downsize your kitchen and make it a kitchenette, you have picked the perfect time to take on this project. Kitchenettes are not always easy to design, but there are some great design options out there to help you get started. Planning a kitchenette can save you money and make your living space work better overall.

If you need some inspiration for your kitchenette design, here is a great place to get started!


Creative Ways of Improving Your Kitchenette

There are some basic rules that you should always follow when you are designing or improving a kitchenette. Following these guidelines will make sure that your kitchenette works efficiently and looks beautiful at the same time. You do not want to design your kitchenette to just be small. You want it to work better than ever and to be beautiful at the same time.

Don’t Install an Island

A kitchen island might look nice, but it is a huge space hog. There are actually not that many things that you need an island for in a kitchen. Many people end up using their island as a storage location that collects their kid’s homework, old boxes, and the mail. 

Imagine saving all the money that would go into an island and being able to apply it to other parts of your kitchenette redesign! You will save hundreds of dollars just on the countertop material itself. Resisting the desire to have an island will save you hundreds of dollars and free up lots of floor space in your home or apartment.

Look Into Creative Space Savers 

If you can buy an oven/microwave, or another appliance that can do double duty, do that. If you are able to come up with creative custom shelving options that will allow you to save space and still store all your cooking items, do that! Lazy Susans, and other creative space savers can free you from the need to build large cabinets or have a pantry.

If you are able to combine the duties of many different spaces and appliances, you can save a ton of space in your kitchenette. Being able to save space can make your design far more efficient and also much nicer to look at. No one enjoys looking at cluttered counters and this can be a major hazard of any kitchenette.

Build in Necessities in Clever Ways 

If you need a cutting board, make sure that it is installed above the drawers. If you need a fold out table, install it in a clever way that allows it to be folded back out of the way. You will never regret adding these useful items like this.

You will save space in your cupboards if you don’t need to fit cutting boards into them. You can save lots of room in your pantry if you don’t need a folding table. Clever design choices like this will not only save you space, they will save you time as well.

Be Okay With Smaller Appliances

You are probably used to large ovens, big fridges, and huge stovetops. This is a normal standard that everyone expects in a full-size kitchen. In a kitchenette however, you need to consider buying smaller appliances. You will save space and you might even realize how unnecessary that huge oven or that huge fridge is to your daily life.

Consider buying a two-burner stove or a bar-size fridge. You might also be able to get away without an oven. People tend to realize when they switch to a kitchenette style space that they never needed those large appliances anyway.

Cut Down on Your Dishes

Think about how many plates and bowls you actually use. If you live alone, or just with one other person, do you really need ten to fifteen plates and an entire set of silverware? In a day you might use two plates, a cup and a few utensils.

If this is the case, then do you really need three drawers and two cupboards full of dishes? If you are willing to part with the unnecessary items in your life, you will find that you can save space and cut down on the number of storage spaces that you need in your kitchen. A kitchenette is about being a minimalist and this applies to kitchen utensils and other items.

Practical Counters

If you are being a minimalist in your kitchenette, you will want to pick the right countertop for your needs. You will probably not have much in the way of countertop space, so you need to make sure that it will hold up for years.

Consider quartz as your countertop choice because it will hold up for years, it’s beautiful, and is easy to install. Unlike natural materials, quartz is consistent in quality and is sold in many different colors and patterns. A quartz counter will never need sanded down or resealed and will be as practical as the rest of your kitchenette.

Kitchenettes Are All About Simplifying Your Life

Kitchenettes are so popular right now because it seems like everyone is trying to cut back and simplify. Streamlining your life and your living space is a great way to make your life better overall and kitchenettes fit this need perfectly.

If you have been wanting to design the perfect kitchenette to fit in your apartment, then there is no time like the present! Make sure to think about how to make your space work beautifully and efficiently, and you will be well on your way to creating the kitchenette of your dreams!

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