If you hire a lawn care service for your lawn on a weekly basis or maybe you like to do your lawn chores all by yourself, it’s important to know the way the lawn care equipment and tools work. If you don’t do your lawn chores yourself, you may don’t need to own all the tools that are needed.

The agency or service you’re hiring will bring some of the tools. So you have to know what tools to get and what not to. The tools that are used frequently, you should own them. If you decide to use a lawn tractor, you must gain some knowledge about lawn tractor battery as well.

lawn care tools

Types of lawn tools

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers are used to cutting the grass in a lawn or field. There are some variants in lawn Mowers in terms of operation modes.

Reel Mowers

This comes first in the list, it works with a set of blades that are laterally mounted against a bed-knife, they cut through as the wheels turn forward. These mowers are driven by the force of the push of the user’s hand.

As they push it forward, the scissors come into work and they cut through the grass. This type of mowers doesn’t pollute the environment at all. In fact, it provides good exercise for the operator.

Rotary mowers

This type of mowers cut the grass with a set of high-speed blades attached beneath a metal deck. the motors are attached to the overlying motor, which is mounted on top of the metal deck.

This type of mower usually is in commercial use and big usages require this type of mowers. Rotary mowers are driven by electric or gasoline-powered motors.

Although nowadays the gasoline motors are rare to find anywhere, which is good news for the environment. And, it makes the job way easier too. 

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String Trimmers

String Trimmers are gasoline or Electric Powered tool that operates with a nylon string with it. It whips at a very high speed and cut through the grass in an are where a Lawn Mower cannot reach. This is the second most popular tool next to the Lawn Mowers. 

Lawn owners find the electric powered, corded or battery driven trimmers which are way better than the conventional gas-powered trimmers which are loud and pollutes the environment as well. People who are peace-loving and like quiet operation, battery-powered String Trimmers are the ideal choice for them. You can find out what to look out for when buy a strimmer here https://gardendiy.co.uk/best-garden-strimmer-reviews/


Edgers are the tool that used to trim off the edges of a lawn and the sidewalks, pathways, and it’s used also for garden edging. Edgers use a sharp metal blade and cutting edge to cut off like scissors. It allows you to control manually over the tool. 

It also comes with a half-circle blade and a cutting wheel that comes into contact with the blade and cuts off the desired portion applying downward pressure. It is one of the must-have tools to keep a lawn on its finest look all the time. Because with a Lawn Mower, you cannot really do the edging job. 


This one also is a power-driven tool that operates either with gas-motor, electric or even battery power motors. What it does in the lawn is similar to a rake, as it blows away or sucks in the dry leaves or any other debris off the garden or a lawn bed. 

Blowers do the job with a high power air blower, and the vacuum does it with the same thing, air but instead of blowing, it sucks in the air and sucks in all the debris and other unwanted slaves or anything of the soil bed.

Now, the blower is not liked by all the people as it makes a lot of noise and your neighbors may not like it that much either. 

This is why there are communities growing who wants to ban using lawn blowers. What you can do is, There are reverse blowers available in the market. You can grab one to do both jobs with the same tool.

They come with big deposit bags where the leaves or other debris collected and stored into. And beware of the noise before buying one, to be sure, go through the product specifications and ask for reviews online or offline. 

Lawn spreader

The Lawn Spreader is a manual tool that you have to push to operate and distribute fertilizers, pesticides, or lawn seeds across the lawn or garden. This tool comes in two types in general: 

Broadcast spreaders

This one has a spinning arm that is capable of scattering materials in a circular manner when you push the tool forward across your lawn. This is popular it’s a good spreading mechanism.

Drop spreaders

This type of spreader is designed to drop some material with more control through a line of openings located at the bottom of the spreader. This and other spreaders are usually used to plant seeds on the lawn bed. 

Bottom line

There are many more lawn tools that are used by people both professionally and personally. Some of them are not necessary to buy one. You can even rent one for a few bucks such as a spreader.

You will need it 2-3 times a year. So, it’s not a good idea to buy one if you aren’t a pro.

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