If you live in a studio apartment as the case in many cities, you need creative solutions to expand your space.

Through design and decoration ideas, you can highlight the beauty and airiness of your area so that you don’t feel closeted. Here are tips to transform a tiny home into a grand living space. 

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Sleek and discreet storage 

Storage space should not stand out in a small home. Introduce under the bed or high wall shelving to unclutter your space.

Use furniture tricks, including flip top storage benches and lounges. Consider, open shelves, bins, and baskets to help you get the most customized storage zone for your family. 

Separate spaces

Have precise vignettes for your working space, lounging areas, and sleeping areas. Separation helps with organization and could be the key to keeping the room airy and bright. 

Use area rugs, fine art installation, or wood panels to create visually distinct spaces in your home. Having different art or wallpapers for the kitchen and dining area works like a charm.

Add statement pieces 

Don’t overcomplicate things–simply juxtapose your minimalistic furniture with stunning artwork. Make your colors vibrant and bold. The art piece you choose for this purpose must take center stage. 

If done right, art will elevate the texture and airy vibe of your space while making it easier to partition your apartment and make it seem less claustrophobic.


Small photos should be in thin frames.

It’s easier for the gallery wall to be the source of clutter in your home. In a small setting, you can deal with that by encasing small individual photos in small frames. You can then mix these up with anchor pieces or statement pieces for a complete homogenous theme.

Bring in the outside.

In small city homes, it’s easy for you, your family, and guests to feel closeted and yearn for the outdoors. Experts recommend working with outdoor-themed art pieces. 

When choosing canvas prints, consider pieces that will be your window to a beach, forest, or desert. An expansive display of nature will dramatically open up the room.

Keep it monochromatic 

Neutral and homogenous color themes work well for small spaces. Stick to a consistent color theme that is light and bright. If you get your art game right, you might never need to expensive retouches on furniture. 

Go big with mirrors

Strategic mirrors in your small home could be all it takes to make it spacious and lively. The best mirrors for this kind of purpose should be large.

They should preferably be placed opposite gallery walls, or windows and doors to bring in more light and optimize decorative beauty. 

Create multifunctional areas of the home

Some sofa designs can be flipped into beds at night. Some chairs and kitchen tables can fold unto themselves or into the walls.

Trying out approaches like these can help you achieve the versatility that you need for your space days when you have to host a party or the in-laws.

Keep clutter below the waist.

Plenty of small living space ideas propose the use of wall storage by hanging things on the wall. In truth, doing that can only make your home feel more cramped. If you have to put up with any cutter, let it be below the waist. 

Allow in more light

For homeowners, that means considering the installation of additional windows. For renters, that implies switching to lighter window treatments and adding strategic light sources that blend well with natural light. Sometimes, all that a small space needs to feel airy and cozy is light.


Owning two sets of lounges and dozens of appliances may make you feel great. But it can be a real pain in the back trying to make that work in a small living space.

Consider donating or selling excess furniture and appliances so that you remain with pieces that make your life beautiful, simple, and free.