If living in Naples, Florida, in 2021 has become increasingly appealing to you, we guess gazing at the giant orange globe of the setting sun seizes your breath and that you find the splashes of the waves sedating. Do you know why we think so?

Naples is a coastline city where humans and nature interact. What’s the result? A perfect alignment of sunshine, serenity, and sophistication.

Life in Naples is terrific. You can’t close your eyes to the dainty yet inexplicably striking sunsets, the gorgeous white sand beaches, the majestic golf courses, and the eye-catching shopping complexes. It’s an Eden where man wholeheartedly agrees with nature.

However, regardless of the magic within this city, you can’t blindly move there. There are specific pros and cons of living in Naples, Florida, which you must know before moving. Let’s see what these considerations are in the following paragraphs.

The Pros of Living in Naples

Start with the Amazeballs Beaches

More often than not, the wondrous Naples beaches are why thousands of people spend their holidays in the coastline city. Living in Naples offers you the opportunity to frequent over 30 white sand beaches with crystal-clear water without having to travel interstate. 

Naples keeps these beaches clean, so demonyms can do all they want in the sand. Kayaking, shelling, or lounging are all possible due to the pristine environs. Naples may be a piece of heaven if you enjoy burying your feet in beach sand.

The Picture-perfect Weather

Sunshine complements beautiful beaches, so we expect no surprise when you learn that the sun shines for over 250 days in Naples every year. Do you know what’s better?

The winter months are also pleasant or manageable at worst. January has an average high of 76 degrees!

Absence of State Income Tax

Naples has a bit of goodness to everyone, including the economist. Florida is free from income tax, so many people from other high-tax states, such as New York and California, are always welcome to the state. The absence of state income tax allows citizens to optimize their budgets alongside other benefits on offer.

Putters Are in Luck

If you’re very keen on golfing, then Naples may be your slice of paradise. Hundreds have earmarked the city as the Golf Capital of the World, and for a good reason.

Naples has the second-most golf holes per head in the whole world. Interested tourists don’t even need a Naples tourist information handbook to pick a spot: there are courses all over the coast. The city has approximately ninety 18-hole clubs.

Shopping Is Incredibly Easy

If your family enjoys shopping, you’ve found both the pros and cons of living in Naples, Florida. 

Naples is famous for its shopping sophistication. Shoppers have the independent boutiques along the 3rd Street South and 5th Avenue and the high-class luxury retailers at the Waterside Shops. What’s more, outdoor shopping is encouraged, so you get to enjoy the pleasant weather while shopping.

But, daddy, how about your pockets?

Arts and Culture Live Here

Do paintings and cultural exhibitions excite you? Naples is an art hub with significant contributions to the national art society. The city boasts high-end galleries and organizes various local and national art shows, such as Artis-Naples and The Barbara B. Mann. 

In addition, the Naples National Art Festival ranks among the best art celebrations worldwide. Should you prefer practical adventures, you’ll have various local parks to explore, numerous boating and fishing options, and intimate experiences with the stunning wildlife. 

Low Crime Rates

In a city with awe-inspiring beaches, stunning sunsets, the perfect weather, lots of golf courses, and overwhelming love for arts, it’s understandable that very few people have the desire to engage in crime. 

Gated neighborhoods are the norm in Naples, which suggests that the people are security-conscious. However, some believe such consciousness may be unnecessary since Naples ranks among the safest Florida cities. The violent crime rate in the city is 90% shy of the national average, while the property crime rate is a whopping 35% shy of the national average. 

 The Cons of Living in Naples

Some may Find the Weather Disturbing

The Naples weather may pass off as a double-edged samurai sword due to the sun’s intensity. Some people can’t bear the humid, hot summer that spans from June to September. Often, many sort out their outdoor activities in the morning and spend the rest of the day on the beach.

However, do note that hurricanes are a common feature from June to November. There’s the tendency of heavy rain when it’s not sunny. Therefore, ensure to make plans accordingly.  

Housing Costs

Securing a home in Naples can be costlier than most assume. Housing costs are continuously rising, and affordable homes are an exception instead of the norm. Naples had a median listing price of $520,000 in May, and the trend doesn’t appear to be stopping soon. 

However, you can negotiate listing prices expertly, provided you have solid market knowledge. We think this Naples Relocation Guide may help reach a reasonable price and avoid exploitation.

Wildlife Is too Close for Comfort

While many consider wildlife appealing, there’s no denying the fear that comes with being too close to animals like alligators and bears. The latter may be scarce, but the former is much more common, and you may wake up someday to find one in your garden. Pythons and sharks aren’t excluded from the party either. 

Little Opportunities for the Kids?

There’s a humming notion that kids may not enjoy Naples as much as you would. This assumption is based upon the fact that the median age is 66.2, with over 70% of the populace at least 45 years old. There are concerns that teenagers and young adults won’t have much interest in the city.

Does this explain why nearly everyone considers Naples to be an ideal retirement place?

Wrap Up

It’s clear that there are unique pros and cons of living in Naples, Florida. We suggest going on a tour of the city before your big move. If necessary, you can always find a Naples visitor guide to maximize your experience and decide wisely.