A Murphy bed, or otherwise known as a wall bed, is a type of bed that’s usually stored vertically against a wall when not in use. Murphy beds can be folded into a closet or even a cabinet, depending on your choice.

These types of beds are practical because they help save space plus they are multi-functional. If you’re thinking of getting one, you might want to make sure you get one that’s good quality, like the Lori Wall Murphy Bed

This article will explore the different advantages of owning a Murphy Bed. 

Murphy Beds: What Are They?

Murphy beds are known to be space-saving and multifunctional. They were quite popular in the 1980s and 1990s. They aren’t that popular nowadays because there are so many different types of beds to choose from nowadays.

Furthermore, a murphy bed’s design might not be appropriate for the design of some bedrooms. People now have more freedom to choose different types of bed in different price ranges, design, features, and vendors like Lori Wall Murphy Bed.  


Advantages of Owning a Murphy Bed

Even though Murphy beds have decreased in popularity over the last few decades, they still come with many advantages that people appreciate. Some of the major advantages of owning a murphy bed will be discussed below. 

  1. Saves Space –as we have discussed earlier, the main purpose of a murphy bed is to help save space in small homes or bedrooms. If there is limited space in your home or bedroom, A murphy bed can help maximize the available space. It does this by freeing up some space during the day, or whenever the bed is not in use. Because murphy beds are only folded out when in use, they can give the impression of a bigger and brighter room. If you’re planning on getting a tiny home or a camper, getting a murphy bed would be a smart choice. 

Some murphy beds can look like a dresser during the day and transform into a bed at night! Isn’t that amazing? 

  1. They are Multifunctional –most of the earlier murphy bed models were just hinged beds sans the additional storage option. As technology advanced and furniture production also improved and evolved, the design and features of murphy beds improved as well. 

You can find murphy beds that are now equipped with storage shelving, usually on each side of the bed, and some models can even do more. For example, some murphy beds come with a storage unit and can also double as a sofa when folded up against a wall.

The multi-functionality of murphy beds makes them really useful and help you save more space at home. 

Murphy beds are impressive due to their multifunctionality, but that doesn’t mean they cost a lot. There are a lot of options out there that are easy on the budget. 

A Lori wall murphy bed, for example, is not only beautiful and comfortable to use, but it is also affordable! It’s a bed that lets you and your guests rest easy! 

  1. Can Look Like a Regular Wall, Storage Unit, or Closet –one of the reasons why people love murphy beds is that they can look like a regular wall, closet, or storage unit when they are put away and folded up against the wall. This is such an important feature since the overall appearance or aesthetic of your bedroom can significantly impact the way you feel while being there; how comfortable you feel while being there. The part of the murphy bed that’s visible when it’s up against the wall can be treated as a sort of decoration. For instance, you can put some books, décor, pictures, or paint the base with colors that match or complement your bedroom. You can even hang lights on the bed to make it even more aesthetically pleasing. You can find murphy bed accessories that can help maximize your bedroom space online.  
  2. Can Be Used as Guest Beds –last but not the least, murphy beds are a really great choice for guest rooms. If you often have friends or family over and they need overnight accommodation, having a room that is not filled with furniture but still provides comfort and a place to relax for your guests is important. You can use memory foam mattresses with your murphy bed, if you really want to make your guests’ stay a comfortable one. By using a murphy bed in your guest room, you’ll be able to use the space freely and unfold the bed only when you have guests staying over. With a murphy bed, the guest bedroom can be used for other purposes if there are no guests staying over. 

For more information about this topic, you can look up articles online about the different types of bed ideal for guest bedrooms, and also on how you can choose the right murphy bed for your guest room.


Murphy beds were invented in the early 1900s by William Lawrence Murphy. Murphy wanted to introduce the idea of a space-saving bed and it became a hit. The design and features of murphy beds have significantly improved over time, but their main purpose remained: to save space in small rooms. 

Murphy beds grew in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s because they gave people with small rooms and small sleeping spaces the ability to maximize the free space they have. Most people during that time lived in very small apartments and people were always looking for ways to maximize the available space. 

Most homes nowadays have no need for murphy beds with the plethora of bed options available. But for those who are living in small apartments or those who want to live in tiny homes, a murphy bed can be the best option. These types of bed are not only multifunctional, but they are affordable as well. 

If you’re thinking of getting one for your home, we suggest you do your research on the best brands and styles that suit your aesthetic and budget.