When it comes time to perfect your home or living space, you have an endless choice of interior design styles. Your many options include abstract, coastal, cottage, minimalist, modern and vintage, to name just a few.

When done right, low-key chic is a desirable option for many rooms, and it can even be a theme throughout a home. It is the more elegant cousin of the once trendy shabby-chic, with an emphasis on a tasteful approach to luxury elements.

If you are looking for a definition, low-key chic means fashionable, elegant and current, without going overboard. For one example, living room french door ideas encapsulate the spirit of the movement.

These remarkable doors bring in copious quantities of natural light, all while looking amazing. Best of all, the variety of these doors truly allow for some creative expression in your home.

When considering a makeover, french doors expand your living space and are closely aligned with the low-key chic aesthetic. You can find designs that have arches, wrought iron highlights, and paneless windows, as well as sliding doors and those that do not have windows.

Kitchen Ideas

The versatility of the low-key chic design is definitely suitable for kitchen renovation Los Angeles style. With a few deft touches, your kitchen can continue the dominant theme of your home, or deviate from it in conscious, clever ways. These ideas work well in a kitchen space that seeks to incorporate elements of a tasteful chic style:


In a way, you can define what your decorating theme means to you. It is a way to put your personal stamp on your home. As you work on creating a space that is unique and livable, you will become more attuned to what works and what does not fit. Thoughtful experimentation sometimes produces amazing results.

Collaboration Possibilities

Whatever you hope to create in your home, it can be helpful to be open to a range of ideas. Brentwood interior design offers a way to inspire you with the potential for a completely new space, whether you love the idea of low-key chic or wish to explore your own vision. Some of the best outcomes result from a productive collaboration of sensibilities.

While low-key chic certainly encompasses a high degree of sophistication, it is but one of many options. Attention to all of the elements of interior design—lighting, texture, color, patterns, art, furniture—is likely to bring a surprising vibrancy to any room.  While a broad sense of a theme is important, special attention to the details is crucial to the success of any project.

Remember, you can transform any part of your home at any time. You can start small with new paint colors, or by putting in new windows or doors. Or maybe the time is right for a full renovation and working with a talented team of designers to get the essential style for your home.