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Lowes Auger Rental

Augers are devices used for drilling holes in wood, digging holes in the ground, rocks, pavements and through other hard surfaces.

They are used for installing posts and fences, in construction for digging the earth to lay pipes, mining fossil fuels and other minerals and in agriculture for plantings seeds. Augers are hand-held or machine-powered.

The Auger is important for digging holes. Unlike other hand-held digging tools, the auger is suitable for both light and heavy duty work, getting the job done in quick time with minimal effort. Therefore, we can say the auger is time-saving.

It is also efficient for drilling holes in wood and wooden surfaces. The auger is design with a rotating helical screw blade for drilling into wood and at the same time acting as a screw conveyor for removing the drill material.

All these feature in an auger tool makes it the right tool for drilling holes in wood and wooden surfaces. you can learn more on Mypaperwriter.com.

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Types Of Augers

There are different types of Augers which are employed in various use cases, depending on the size or nature of the job. They include: Wood augers, Ice Augers and Earth Augers.

  • Wood Augers: They are portable, light weight and easy to use for drilling holes in wooden surfaces. Wood augers are mostly hand-held, possesses a rotating helical screw blade that acts a screw conveyor for removing drilled materials and are one-man operated augers.
  • Ice Augers: Ice Augers are also portable, lightweight hand-held augers which major use is drilling holes in ice for ice fishing.
  • Earth Augers: Also known as soil augers or post hole diggers, earth augers are used for digging holes in the ground. They are used in agriculture for planting and in construction for digging holes to lay pipes, building fences, and installing poles. Augers used for digging holes comes in design of a one-man operated or two-man operated auger.

How Much Does An Auger Cost?

The general price for buying an Auger is $700-$2500, depending on the type, size and the store location.

Augers are available for rent at most Lowes stores. Lowes inventory for Augers contains the best manufactured Auger needed to own your project. Whether one/two-man operated augers, wood augers or earth augers, Lowes has just the right one for you.

How To Rent An Auger From Lowes Tools Rental Program

Renting an Auger from Lowes is easy. However, there are some procedures you need to follow:

  • First things first is to log-on to their official website to access its inventory of tool.
  • Using the navigation tool bar search for the auger of your choice using the keyword Auger.
  • Check out possible stores closest to you with your prefered Auger suing the store directory.
  • Proceed to make payment if satisfied with the price, rental policy and required documents needed to order rent.

Lowes Auger Rental Vs Buying An Auger

Renting or buying an Auger also depends on the size or nature of the job. In a situation where an auger is rented only for pruning the soil before planting, it means there is minimal need for it. Therefore, when an auger is needed for a one-time job, it is best to rent rather than buy the tool.

On the other hand, if the use of the Auger is for a construction project that involves digging holes to lay pipes over a long period of time that will take months to complete, it is cost-beneficial to buy the Auger instead of paying huge amounts of money renting it for months. 

How Much Does Lowes Charge For Auger Rental?

Lowes offers competitive prices on its auger rentals. Prices are charged on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis, which are represented below:

  • Hourly: $65
  • Daily: $97
  • Weekly: $350.67
  • Monthly: $1,119.20

Note: The above prices varies across different Lowes store rental location. Using the store directory option, you can ascertain the price charge for rent on a chainsaw at the Lowes store nearest to you.

Lowes Tools Rental Auger Types

Lowes boasts an inventory of high quality top branded Augers. Only reliable and trusted augers from the best manufacturers are displayed in Lowes stores. Some of the tool model include:

Earthquake, ThunderBay.  

  • Earthquake Earthquake 10310 Dually Viper 52cc 2-Cycle Gas Power Hole Earth Auger Powerhead.   Model # 106477
  • ThunderBay 173cc Two-Man Auger Powerhead  Model # Y173KL
  • ThunderBay Powerful Ice Auger and Portable Two Man Shelter Combo   Model # V1598
  • Earthquake Earthquake E43 1 Person 43cc 2-Cycle Viper Gas Engine Earth Auger Powerhead Model # 112367
  • 43cc One-Man Auger Powerhead                                                                             Model # Y43Z08 
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