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A chainsaw is a portable cutting tool used in cutting through woods and wooden objects, it is used in tree felling, limbing, pruning and harvesting of firewood. The chainsaw is composed of a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain, running along a defined guide bar.

As mentioned above, the chainsaw is an important tool for tree felling. Rather than having to axe through a tree for hours, with a good rated chainsaw, you can bring down the tree in a matter of minutes.

It is the best prefered tool for cutting through wood or wooden objects. Other tools employed for cutting through wood like a cutlass or axe poses great hazards, as in the process of use can injure or cut off a person’s limb.

But with the chainsaw, there is little or no room for work hazards as it is automatically operated.

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Types Of Chainsaws

There different types of chainsaw, they include: Corded Electric Chainsaws, Cordless Electric Chainsaw, Gas-Powered Chainsaw.

How Much Does A Chainsaw Cost?

The market price for a new chainsaw falls between $97.90-$206.90. However, it is important to note that this price varies according to the type, size and store location.

Chainsaw Rental At Lowes

You can rent a chainsaw at Lowes. From corded, cordless to gas-powered chainsaws, Lowes got you covered. It inventory for chainsaws contains reliable and high quality chainsaws from the best manufacturers, giving the best result for your money, and also help you own your project.

How To Rent A Chainsaw From Lowes Tools Rental Program

To rent a chainsaw from Lowes is very easy. First of all, you need to:

Rent Vs Buy A Chainsaw

Renting or buying a chainsaw depends entirely on the nature of the job the chain saw is being used for.

If for minimal use or a one-time project, the best option would be to rent the chainsaw, thus, saving you for storage and maintenance expenses. Therefore, renting a chainsaw is cost-beneficial if it is to be used for a one-time project.

On the other hand, if the nature of the project is continuous or  for a long-term need, the best option open to you is to buy the chainsaw, thus, saving the cost of continuous rentals.

Cost Of Chainsaw Rental At Lowes

Lowes tool rental charges rent for chainsaws at hourly prices, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Therefore, the cost of renting a chainsaw, varies among these time frames, they include:

Note: The above prices may vary from store to store, therefore it is important to ascertain the price of a chainsaw in the store near you to enable you make informed decisions.

Lowes Tools Rental Chainsaw Inventory

Lowes inventory for chainsaws, contains the best chainsaws produced by the best manufacturers. Some of which include:

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