Running a Laundromat has proved to be good business venture. With a little additional service, the self service laundry businesses have really taken off. However, the centre of the business is the washers and maintenance of these washers is very important.

Due to heavy use of these machines on a daily basis they might face frequent problems and you might need to call repairmen for Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair. Therefore, good maintenance services for appliances is important if you want to keep your customer.

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Commercial Repair is one option. However, if you want to prevent breaking down of washers, you can follow these tips. Maintaining your washers will also lengthen its life expectancy.

The first step maintenance of any equipment is cleaning. Especially in case of a commercial which is being used daily by a large number of people. It will get dirty very quickly.

Clean the water filter inlet screen on a regular basis. You can also replace it if you deem necessary. The filter can become jammed with dirt particles coming in with the water and block clean water supply.

Now it depends on the location how frequently the washer gets jammed. The water might be relatively clean where you live and therefore the filter will be less blocked by the particles. But if you live in an area where the water supply is not that clean, you have to keep an eye on the filter and clean it regularly.

Also, it might be a good idea to use the cleaner suggested by the manufacturer of your washer. All the dirt and soap, if not cleaned properly, accumulate inside the washer and result in dirty cloths. And that is bad for business.

Dirt particles may find their way into the washer through inlet and outlet connection. If you don’t check the joint and hoses for leaks sediment can build up there even if it is a tiny leak. Therefore it is always wise to change them frequently, or clean them even.

You can prevent the sediment build up and also prevent water leakage. Remember, the water loss doesn’t only mean wastage, but it will also push up your water bill. Inefficient service is also bad for business.

Check the water shutoff valves also because they can get stuck in an open position. In that case you won’t be able to shut off the source of water. That could prove to be problematic for your business.

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One more thing you can do is clean the gasket between the washer door and the drum. Sediments can accumulate there also and that can prevent the door to be locked properly. You can imagine what happens next. You should leave the door open after each wash to dry the interior.

Take care of your machine to avoid break downs. If it still goes out of order, contact a good repair company.