When you want to restyle your home without going through a whole remodelling process, simply changing your window treatments can do a lot for your space and home decor. 

Whether you’d like a brighter room, enjoy more privacy, or simply relaxing in a modern space that better suits your style, window treatments are a fast idea to restyle your home decor without breaking the bank. 

For inspiration, we headed over to Loganova Shades, a custom window treatment company that designs their products in New York and handcrafts them in Toronto. 

These products are an interior designer’s favorite because they match your window shape with precision and instantly give a fresh look that transforms your home. So, if you’ve finally decided to make your place more modern, learn what types of window treatments and Roman Shades the professionals use:

Flat Roman Shades for a Clean, Minimalistic Decor

Whether they’re semi-sheer or blackout, crafted with cotton or faux linen fabrics, custom flat window treatments are the most popular choice among many. That is because the solid piece of material used in this classic type has no visible seams and lays neat when the treatment is fully lowered. 

It’s a great choice if you’re aiming for a minimalistic or clean look in any room. There is room for many styles, depending on your artistic sense or preferences. From geometric patterns to floral drawings or delicate Greek-style motifs, you have plenty of designs to choose from.

Tip: Flat Roman shades look best on narrow windows, French doors, or in rooms where you need to regularly open and close them. 


Cascade Window Treatments for a Distinguished Feel 

You can recognize these easily by their folds’ waterfall effect, making this a traditional type – but not too traditional. The hobbled fold of cascade Roman shades give the impression of more volume, so you should definitely use them in big rooms where you want full privacy and less sunlight – functional advantages that come with this style. 

Since this attention-grabbing cascade type is best suited for larger or more formal spaces. Even the simplest design will make anyone entering the room feel quite exquisite.  

Tip: It’s recommended to choose cascade window treatments for elegant rooms in your house, like a living room, or home office, but also in spacious, luxury-type bathrooms.


Relaxed Roman Shades for a Contemporary Style

When you’re looking for something less formal and more delicate, a custom relaxed window treatment may be the right option for you and your cozy home. Naturally, as its name implies, a relaxed shade looks contemporary, neat, and chic wherever you use them. 

Just because they are “relaxed”, that doesn’t mean they lack style or functionality. Professionals recommend them if you want to enjoy every moment in a room immersed in sunlight and delicate warmth.

Tip: Relaxed treatments work best with bedroom or nursery windows thanks to their familiar, laid-back style that helps people feel relaxed. 


London & Tulip Roman Shades for a Farmhouse Decor

There is a window dressing for every personality and aesthetic taste, and the subtle variations of this treatment type prove that. The London, Tulip & European Roman shades are sophisticated choices if you demand as much light as possible and a visually appealing decor. 

London window treatments are preferred in country-chic homes thanks to their interesting pleats and natural look, while a European shade is a relaxed but softer type, crafted from more luxurious materials.

The cherry on top with these elegant relaxed Roman shades? You can completely transform a boring window into a bohemian palace by choosing a Tulip Roman shade – a special type made with precious, lightweight fabrics – that looks like a tulip when half-raised.

Tip: Their aesthetic role is stronger than the functional one, so it’s best to use them in rooms where you don’t need to open and close them too often.


Pleated Roman Shades for Traditional Charm 

This modern window treatment has one of the simplest designs and can be easily integrated into any room. They add a gentle traditional charm to your home, especially if you choose monochrome, sheer or semi-sheer fabrics to dress your house or rustic home. 

Pleated Roman shades have no slats but come in so many different colors and textures that is nearly impossible not to find a fine, stylish design for your home. 

Tip: Look for neutral tones that work best to brighten any room, especially tiny ones or with a lot of furniture.  


Striped Window Treatments for the Scandinavian Home

Stripes have always been a popular choice in modern home design. Why not explore your options? Look for your favorite colors and use them in a cool, subtle way with your window dressings. 

Striped Roman shades are fun and easily adaptable. They come in many different styles and fabrics. As you may know, vertical lines provide a sense of larger, more spacious rooms, and with custom window treatments, you have the advantage of choosing different widths for stripes in a single-colored room, as well as combining different patterns in an artistic, playful look.

You can mix stripes with polka dots or floral prints, for example – just not too much.


Choose striped window treatments for your kitchen or bathroom to add a touch of color in a generally simple room. You can opt for a blackout lining that helps insulate against noise, while offering full privacy and light control. 

Tip: Also, go for window treatments that are made from faux linen, a low maintenance and hypoallergenic fabric that doesn’t retain moisture or mold and keeps looking stylish after each wash.   


Colored & Floral Roman Shades for More Inspiration! 

When you opt for custom window treatments, the major advantages are that you can choose the size, the fabric, the folding mechanism, and even the number of layers you need. But the best one is that nothing stops you from going in style with a special design. 

Bold choices like colored, floral, or French-patterned Roman shades are best for remarkably vibrant, shabby-chic rooms like an impressive home office, a romantic living room or a stylish kitchen. So, if you’re a homeowner with plenty of imagination and courage, these types might be for you!

Tip: Some models may have ruffles or decorative details that can give the impression of a cluttered room. Choose wisely and opt for colored window treatments in places where you want to express a part of your personal story and style.


“Custom Roman Shades come in so many styles and designs that you can easily choose the right model, even for the most difficult or weird windows in your home. It’s a long-term investment that gets you plenty of advantages, like privacy, safety and UV protection, temperature efficiency, and the option to mix several designs for something 100% original. That’s why interior designers love them and you will too.” explained the Loganova Shades team.

Whether or not you’re design-savvy or a conscious person who wants to live in a cozy and beautiful place, you can transform your home simply by dressing the windows with style and practicability. 

With the right professional recommendations and help from a trusted custom window treatment company like Loganova Shades, we hope we gave you just the best decorating ideas you need to bring more inspiration and comfort into your home! If you need more ideas, see all the collections here.