If you are confused that whether to opt for modular homes or go for a purchasing option then this article serves you right for clearing all the bewilderment.

If you are one a tight budget then the cost has to be your priority when it comes to the comparison of both such options. If you have been tired of questioning that is modular homes cheaper than buying a house then this article mentions all the vital details need.

There is no hole of doubt that modular homes are cheaper than the standard houses. You will find that companies claiming that you can save up to sixty percent of your whole budget, well this is not the true picture.

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For a much accurate approximation keep in mind that you will be spending twenty percent less if we compare the cost of purchasing the house and opting for modular homes. You will save much of the cost of your bulk purchase, building material, and labor cost.

The cost will also be determined by the manufacturer you settle for thus for maximum saving you should do your research and compare the cost of several manufacturers.

To begin the hunt of good manufacturers of modular houses, you can scan online resources or ask for recommendations from a friend. Let’s discuss in detail below that how all such factors work together in saving you about twenty percent. 

Bulk Purchase

You already realize that the site-built house is built at a time that means there remains no place of storing the excess items. There are several orders which modular manufacturers receive every month thus they order several items together in bulk quantities.

This bulk order of items then reduced the cost per item. There are also several connections between these companies which then gets you the rates on the discounted prices. This connection also means that you will be able to get the premium brands at cheaper rates.

There can be a high probability that you would not prefer the brand which the manufacturer is working with so in that case, you can always ask them to switch the brand. But in this switching process, the opportunity cost will be you having to pay prices closer to retail ones. 

Materials Needed

If we talk about standard houses then you will see the excessive waste of the raw materials. All the bricks lumber and stones never get utilized fully thus ruining your budget as well as the environment.

If you want to avoid such waste then modular houses give you the solution THe manufacturers order the items in the exact proportion of needed ones. 

Labor Cost

You need to realize that manufacturers of modular houses are not directly linked with labor costs as labor will charge the standard price per hour.

But despite no direct link, modular houses offer you an edge in labor prices as most of the work is already completed in the factory, leaving less work for the labor.