A kitchen serves not only as a place where food is cooked, but also a place which acts as a point of social congregation and a source of aesthetic value. As such, given all its value, it only follows logically that you must strive to make the best kitchen possible. But this has two problems.

The first problem is that you may not know the essentials of a good kitchen. Even if you do, it will invariably lead to the second problem, that is, it is expensive. Let’s now look at these problems in more detail and the solutions to them. 


Lack of knowledge 

A kitchen has many crucial moving parts. This may be things like appliances; the stoves, the fridge and the oven among other things. Beyond this there are storage solutions such as cabinets and drawers.

Further, in a more visible manner, there is also the issue of the aesthetic, that is, the materials used on the counter tops, drawers and cabinets etc. It is highly likely that some things are neglected or missed.

To make matters more complex, there is the problem of arrangement. The layout of the kitchen can make it more or less effective to use.  

High price

Let us say for the sake of argument, that you know all the parts a functional kitchen needs, and also the best way of arranging them. This still presents the second problem, that is, the incredibly high price. All these materials and appliance, bought individually, can be quite expensive.

This problem is further exacerbated for individuals who do not understand the best way of laying out the kitchen, as they will spend an astronomical sum of money but not derive value from such money owing to incomplete or faulty layouts.

This is highly frustrating and stressful for these people. You can get an estimate of your design and know what is modular kitchen price which are trending these days

The solution 

The solution to all these problems is a modular kitchen. These kitchens are highly customizable, so they suit your needs, but they always have a lowest common denominator, which means that you will always have the most essential aspects with the low modular kitchen price.

That brings us to the second benefit, they will be in a layout that pushes for the most efficient use.

The best part is that the modular kitchen price is always lower than if done individually as they are sold at scale. The result is a better kitchen at a lower price, and happy consumers.

Cost determination

There are many aspects which determine modular kitchen price. The first aspect is the number of components you buy and the size of the kitchen. The bigger the kitchen, the more components it will need in terms of storage and counter tops etc. The result is that the price will invariably go up.

The second aspect is the level of quality. That is, if the kitchen involves a higher level of quality, the price will go up. For example, a kitchen with real open pore wood will have higher modular kitchen price than a kitchen with wood veneer or fake wood. 

Range of price. 

By virtue of the sheer number of variables mentioned above, the range of modular kitchen price is very wide. 

These kitchens usually start from a few thousands and go up to many lakhs of rupees based on the size, the number of components, the technical advancement and the quality of materials used. For most people, the middle of the range will be suitable.

Very cheap kitchens may not be suitable as they may not encompass all required appliances, meaning you will have to spend more money on them. If you can afford it, the high priced kitchens are the best.  


The meaning of modular is that you can build the kitchen on a piece by piece basis. This gives you a wide range of customizability. What is the benefit of this customizability?

It allows you to build a kitchen that works for you, if you know what you want. So if you are a chef, you can have the modular kitchen with steel countertops and professional appliances.

This does not increase the cost of the kitchen and bring it on par with individually built kitchens. The result is that you have a suitable, customizable kitchen at a low price. 

Final words

It’s apt to conclude with a recap of the benefits. The first is that it allows you to build a kitchen that is suitable for you. In case you do not know the requirements of a good kitchen, you also have many options for pre-built kitchens which will ensure you have the bare minimum.

The biggest benefit however is that you have all these benefits at a price lower than that of an individually built content. The result is that you will be able to have a good, functional kitchen, and still have money for other parts of the house.