6 Natural Homemade Drain Cleaners That Actually Work

how to clean your drain

Don’t you feel embracement when guests come to your home and they find home unclean or unhygienic? It is one of the most tiresome jobs to keep the house’s drain net and clean. Have you also tried to refill co2 tank with an air compressor?

Sometimes, a drain may clog and produce an unpleasant smell. For any repair assistant connect to trenchlesssolutionsusa.com 

Say “NO” to toxic products

 Everyone uses toxic products on daily basis, by which the draining system becomes weak such as mothball (contains naphthalene), toxic cleansers (such as phenyl), soft drinks (coca-cola, Pepsi), etc. 

Instead of using toxic products, go green by using some tips given below to clean up the drains. It is a century to be eco-friendly and to stop using hazardous products. 

By reading this article you will get up know how to clean the clogs of the drains without taking the help of toxic and hazardous chemical products.

how to clean your drain

How to Clean your Drain with Vinegar And Baking Soda

Why use these products?

  • Vinegar is considered mild acid whereas baking soda is one of the alkaline substances.
  • When vinegar and baking soda combines it becomes a neutralized solution.
  • And when this solution is applied to a clogged drain, it would easily unclog it.


  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Boiled water


  • First of all, clear the area around the drain.
  • Add –up ½ cup of baking soda on a clogged drain.
  • Now seal-up the area for an hour. 
  • Lastly, pass water continuously until the drain gets clear.

How to Clean your Drain with a Plunger (Most Instant Technique)

Why use a plunger?

  • A plunger is mostly used to clean-up the clogged drains curves with food. Especially, rubber plungers are being used.


  • Empty the sink.
  • Fill the sink partially with warm tap water.
  • And, soak out the stuck food in the sink.

How to Clean your Drain with Hot Water And Liquid Dish Soap

Why use  this method?

  • By continuously pouring hot water that clogged particle will become soft.
  • As liquid dish soap does contain grease in their solution.
  • By mixing liquid dish soap and hot water, the drain can be get unclogged.


  • Take two liters of water and boil it. 
  • Add 3-4 drops of liquid dish soap.
  • Pour this solution on the clogged drain
  • Repeat this procedure for at least 2-3 times.

How to Clean your Drain with Borax And Hot Water

Why use borax?

  • Borax is one of the popular cleansing agents. Borax can also be used in homemade detergents and is also better compared to other toxic chemical detergents. It’s for sure that it would clean your drain but on the other hand, it will also kill ants and other pests.


  • Insert ½ cup of borax in the clogged drain with the help of a funnel.
  • Then gently pour 2 cups of hot water through that funnel.
  • Wait for al-least 11-15 minutes to let the mixture get settled in the drain.
  • Pour the hot water again.
  • If there’s a very stubborn clog then repeat this procedure.

How to Clean your Drain with Salt And Hot Water


  • Take 2-3 tablespoon of salt and put it on the clogged drain.
  • Pour boiled water over the salt.
  • Wait for few minutes to let that mixture get settled in the drain.
  • Further, flash it with hot water.
  • If there are stubborn clogs then repeat this procedure.

How to prevent clogs in the drain?

As there’s a saying that “precautions are better than cure”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. 

Here’re some tips for preventing clogs in the drain and you can also take the help of –  trenchlesssolutionsusa.com  for any repairing issues.

  • Prevent pouring grease, coffee grounds, food (rice, eggshell, banana peels, etc.)
  • Never keep your fallen hairs on the sink.
  • To keep drains clean regularly.
  • Prevent the use of toxic chemical products as these products will produce stubborn drain clog.
  • Toilets are just made to deal with the human excreta as well as toilet papers. So don’t flash off your hairs, plastics (shampoo packets), etc. 

In a nutshell

Green products are safer than toxic chemical products. Most of the toxic products include sulphuric acids and it too dangerous if it interrupts while breathing. It also eats up the pipe whether the pipe is made of plastic or metal.  

However, by using green products you would be helpful to the environment and it also pocket-friendly.