Making a house is like baking a cake! The process and patience that you require to do in both are pretty intense. The thought process and the overall requirements are very intense while making a house.

What to use what not to use, getting good quality things, everything and decision need to be best. One of the most important aspects that people often take lightly while making or renovating a house is FLOORING!

The flooring that you do in your house is eternal and keeping that intact is very important. Many things can go wrong for new flooring, so be sure to avoid some common mistakes that one can make.

Poor Quality Material

A home is forever, so make sure that you make it eternal. Make it with care and precision. When creating your new flooring, be sure that you use the top quality flooring present.

The finish that you use for your flooring needs to be both excellent and of good quality. Try to look for material that is both durable and safe.

Lucky for you epoxy flooring provides the best flooring finishes that you could ever use on your floors. It is surely one of the best. The flooring needs to be very hygienic, as any bacteria residue can lead to health-related issues also.

The best quality used in floorings makes it certain that the overall finishing for your floor will always be bright and shiny to the core. Use materials that are not only stylish but also very robust so that it can give your home the feel of freshness that lasts a lifetime. 

Furniture Decisions 

One of the major mistakes that we often tend to ignore for our new flooring is furniture. The right kind of furniture is very crucial, but also the right way it is used is also very important.

Be sure to always use furniture pads for all sorts of items, especially tables. Heavy tables and consoles have feet that can quite literally ruin the whole look of the new flooring.

Be certain to always have protective padding on the legs so that there is no permanent damage done to the floor. Also, make sure that you always lift the furniture up when moving it from one place to the other.

Never try to skid it across the floor, as it is very harmful. It will leave long-lasting scratches and scuffs all over it. Try to avoid using furniture that has wheels on it, as the wheels will also destroy the look of your floor with constant rolling. 

Stop Using Abrasive Cleaning Products

This is one of the most important factors that homemakers and people living in it often tend to forgo or ignore. Who doesn’t like a shiny new floor that is fully scrubbed?

To achieve that is not necessary that all kinds of harsh and abrasive products must e used to achieve it. It is very important to understand the quality of your flooring and the types of cleaning products to use on it. Use a brush instead of invasive detergents like bleach or vinegar.

People also tend to use baking soda to achieve a shiny look, which in turn actually destroys the upper layer of lamentation for your flooring. With consistent use that lamented floor soon, loose sits shine altogether and looks rough for use.

Try to opt for normal cleaning brushes and mild cleansers for all kinds of floors that you use. As gentle as you are with your floor, the longer it will persevere. 

Do Not Use Steam Mop

Please be sure that steam mopping is not going to give a glow that cannot be matched. If you tend to use a normal mop on a regular schedule, it will achieve the exact same results with less damage.

The problem with a steam mop is that the tendency of it to retain water and leave it on your floor is harmful.

The steam created can destroy the sedimentation of the flooring; thus, which can be very damaging in the long run. Especially on a hardwood floor, the steam mop can leave huge stains and cause warping. It is better to lightly dust your floor and dry mop it once in a while to avoid any destruction.

The steam can also capture in between the planks for a floor and make the alignment fall out of place with repeated usage. Be certain to protect your floor from any imminent damage. 

Not Stopping Your Pets 

I know I know, our pets are our babies and restricting them to one particular area can be harsh. In order to keep your floors safe and sound, this is one hard measure that you would need to take.

Leaving your pets to roam around the floor with long nails can leave abrasive scratches on the floor that cannot be reversed.

Many pets, especially cats, for instance, have the habit of expanding their claws when stretching. Even dogs being the joyful creatures that they tend to claw at floors when they are trying to make sharp turns in their spaces.

You need to be very careful when letting your pets onto new floors. Extra care and attention are required to make sure that they do not create scratches on the surface of the floors.

Try to use alternative things like placing a rug or constricting area in order to avoid any sorts of unwanted scuffs over your new floors.


Keeping your floor as bright and dainty as new is truly had. A lot of care and maintenance needs to be put into making sure that no sorts of scruffs and scratches grace onto your new floors.

Just try to avoid some common mistakes that people tend to ignore to make sure that you keep your floor new for a long time.

To preserve the wholesomeness for any type of flooring be it wooden or marble, a certain level of dedication is always eminent. Just follow these steps, and I am sure your floors will keep on shining for a long, long time.