Organizing and maintaining clean space has a positive impact on your well-being. It can reduce stress levels, motivate you and increase your ability to focus. Whether you need to get work done at your office desk or relax in your bedroom, you will be more successful in a clean, organized space.

Sort and Label Objects

One of the key aspects of organization is creating permanent spots for your objects. Use folders to store paperwork and important documents. Use a different folder for each category of your life.

Buy mini drawers or bins to store makeup, office supplies and tools. You can organize items alphabetically, by color or function. Use a label maker or deli labels to distinguish the items that a certain bin contains. Say goodbye to the days of searching for lost items.

Eliminate Unneeded Clutter


Clutter is not only messy, but it also creates stress. When you have clutter, it’s hard to locate specific items and it creates a chaotic environment. Whether it’s clothes or papers, there’s no need to keep items you no longer need. Dedicate a day towards going through your clutter. Keep items that you’ve used in the past year or are linked to a significant memory. Throw out, donate or sell any clutter that you no longer need.

Use Space Saving Hacks

Anyone who has lived in a small space like a dorm room or New York City apartment knows the importance of saving space. There are plenty of inexpensive hacks that help you consolidate and get the most out of your space. Use soda tabs to layer hangers in a closet space. Make use of under-bed or under-desk storage containers and boxes to create more floor, dresser and desk space. Use magnetic racks to hang objects on walls.

Interior garage with tools, equipment and wheels. 3d illustration.

Once you make the effort to clean and organize, it’ll be a more efficient and relaxing environment.