TVs are one of the most essential devices in your home. In most rooms, all the furniture is arranged in such a way that it points to the TV.

TVs are the best way to get some laughs, catch up on the news, watch your favorite team play, and do so much more. They can also be a fantastic décor piece if you buy a TV stand instead of mounting it on the wall. 

But since there are countless options when it comes to TV stands, check out the following tips to get the right one for your room.

Match with Your TV’s Size

When you are buying a TV stand, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that it matches the size of your TV.

If you already have a TV at home, then this shouldn’t be challenging. But if you don’t, then you need to purchase a flat-screen first. Even if you are going for a 40 or 50 inch, remember that some models have extra material on the sides.

Also, make sure the flat screen TV stands you are thinking of buying can handle the weight of your TV and a bunch of other items.

Comfortable Viewing Height Is Important

When you sit on your sofa to watch TV, you would want it to be at a comfortable viewing height. That way, your neck will not get any strains, and you can easily watch for as long as you like. 

That’s why you should be sure that your TV will be at your eye level when you are shopping for a stand. One way to do this is to measure your eye level when seated on a sofa, and the middle of your TV as well. Then, you can easily measure to check that the middle of the flat screen will be at your eye level when you are searching for a TV stand.

Complements the Room

Many people sacrifice their dreams of buying a TV stand because they have small or irregularly shaped rooms. But you need to understand that there is a wide range of variety that you can pick out from.

If there isn’t much space, then you can look into buying a more compact or a swivel TV stand that goes well in that area. You can also look into corner TV stands, among other types.

Pick the Right Style

You probably have noticed that TV stands come in all kinds of styles. But the reason why there are so many designs is that people can pick the one that goes well in their living room.

That is why you need to pick the style that blends in well with the current aesthetic of your space. Mixed design doesn’t look good for the overall décor of your room.

If you want to make the room appear more spacious and bright, then look for white, light grey, or other light colors. The dark solid colors often look better with transitional décor. But for traditionally decorated rooms, try to find richly stained wood TV stands.

Is Storage Space Necessary?

There are many cables around every TV that can make the space look like a mess. That is why you need to pick a TV stand that can properly hide the wires.

But not only that, you should use this as an excuse to organize your magazines, collection of video games, or put up some extra décor pieces in the room. Depending on your needs, look at open shelves, close cabinets, and stylish drawers.