Dogs and cats lead the pack as human’s companions. Their cheerfulness and jovial mood are addictive to be around. Many people let their pets stay indoors, and this is sometimes challenging since they shed fur a lot. Also, some households have individuals who have asthma and other respiratory conditions: making them allergic to pets.

Dirt and hairs usually get in clothes, carpets, curtains and it’s not until then, you realize there’s a big problem. Fortunately, there is a solution by the use of pet vacuum cleaners. However, it should not be any ordinary vacuum cleaner though. So here are things to consider before buying an appropriate one.

1. House Flooring and Layout 

When looking for the perfect pet vacuum for your house, you ought to consider the type of floor. One feature to be keen on when choosing is the suction ability. A good suction captures and sucks in the dirt. Pet owners recommend vacuum or steam-mop combination if your floor is tiled. Pets sometimes carry stains from their adventures and spread mud and dirt across the floors.

Carpet: carpets are the most difficult to clean. Suction is just not enough. Dander and pet hairs if not immediately taken care of, provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, giving off a repugnant smell. As disgusting as it sounds, you can remedy all this by getting a durable rotating brush.

Stairs: when cleaning the stairs, you should go for a lightweight and corded hand vacuum cleaner, since it is flexible to move. Besides, a lighter vacuum is best for your wrists while navigating the edges.

Furniture: It’s a common phenomenon for fabric on sofas to accumulate static electricity, which pulls hair to it. In such cases, you are advised to get a handheld model with a narrow suction opening. The small opening cleans the hard to reach corners of the cushions.

2. Type of Pets

There are different breeds of pets. You should consider this factor when choosing the best vacuum cleaner. Some shed a lot of fur and others the opposite. It’s important to know the shedding tendencies of your furry friend. This information is also essential for people thinking of adopting a pet. If you don’t want the fuss of cleaning lint, go for the hypoallergenic pet. 

3. Budget

Nowadays you can get anything at a fair price. Prices have been subsidized to accommodate the needs of every consumer. However, cheap things come at a cost. A low budget pet vacuum will do the job but not for long as most buyers have lamented. After some time, the cleaner will jam, thus create a load of maintenance problems that will need more money. You’ll find some good brands there what are cost effective and best in performance. Many pet lovers recommend the Bissell PowerForce Compact. This machine is exceptionally light in weight, bagless, durable, powerful, and budget friendly. 

However, an expensive pet vacuum cleaner is not necessary since you are less likely to use some features. There are many types of vacuum cleaners with distinct features and at varying prices. The more versatility and features a vacuum cleaner has to offer, the higher its price tag.

4. High-Quality Filter

Filtration is critical in choosing the right pet vacuum pet cleaner. In that sense, bagged machines are better than bagless. There are two types of filters: namely, pre-motor and post-motor filter. The former hinders dirt from getting into the motor, thus preventing odor and overheating. The latter is essential as it prevents carbon and dust from mixing in the air. 

5. Brush Agitator

This gadget comes to play when your pet companion sheds overwhelmingly. This device is essential in loosening and removing pet hair stuck to your carpet. It also gets rid of the dirt from hardwoods and tile floors. Even though it is a standard requisite by experienced pet lovers, it’s still worth mentioning as an attribute you should consider.

6. Height and Weight 

Vacuums come in different shapes and sizes. An adjustable model is highly recommended, more so when vacuuming in hard to reach areas of your home. A light vacuum is easy to lift and move around as you get down to business. A light vacuum will also reduce the chances of falling that can lead to damage. Heavy vacuums are more likely to cause injuries such as wrist aches. Nonetheless, heavier ones tend to have more power since they accommodate larger suction disks. 

7. Type of Vacuum Cleaner

There are different models, and it can be challenging to choose the best for your house. It boils down to taste and preference. Some of the vacuums are; canister vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, and stick vacuum cleaners.


It’s difficult to control how pets shed hair and the dirt accompanied when playing. However, you can do something to lessen the trouble by getting a good pet vacuum cleaner. All those features are what you should be looking to make your home lint-free. Additionally, it is reasonably priced; thus, you will get a bang for your buck.

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