No one wants to experience the menace that comes with poor drainage. Blocked drains will often come with foul odors and potential health hazards. Unfortunately, this is a problem that nearly every home can face.

It is vital to understand the possible causes of blocked drains to take quick action in preventing such eventualities. Here are the most common blockage and possible remedy:

Foreign Materials through the Drainage System

Things like leaves, stones, and debris can cause blockage by filling the drainage lines if not checked. Throwing litter along the drainage system can also clog your drainage system. What can you do to avoid this?

Introducing a drain cover can prevent external materials from getting into the drainage lines. It will also secure the place against anyone used to dispose of materials along with the system. 

how to clean your drain

Heavy Rains and Storm Can Cause Blocked Drains

Most home drainage can accommodate the enormous amount of water that comes with heavy rains. If not well-designed, home drains can experience floods during prolonged rains and storms.

The resulting overflow can cause blocked drains forcing homeowners to hire professionals to unblock their drains. You don’t want to experience such losses. Ensuring that your gutter is clean can help prevent dust accumulation, which will probably block your drains. 

Quality of Pipes Used During Plumbing

Broken pipes are the main reason for leaks and drain blockage. Low-quality pipes can get compressed, resulting in narrowing down to the size of the pipe. As a result, the water flow rate will be reduced or stops then what follows is a foul smell.

Such tubes can also get cracked, and what might await you as a result. The only way to keep this at bay is to invest in high-quality pipes for plumbing. When such an unthinkable happens, don’t hesitate to contact plumber gawler before your hose is flooded with filth.

Forcing Hard Materials through the Sink Lines 

Passing hard materials like thick liquids, hair, fur through small sink pipes is one of the leading causes of blocked drains.

Such materials will fill the tubes and eventually clogs the sink lines. As a result, no water will be allowed to pass, leading to blockage. You don’t want to force fats across the sink lines since they will only solidify on the way when they meet cold surfaces.

Mountain of cumulative fats and other debris are responsible for most blocking and breaking of many drainages for many homes. To avoid this, try not to flash any material that is a potential cause of the blockage. Lean-to properly disposes of your food leftovers, fats, and any other risk factors.

Long Tree Roots

As the tree grows, the root develops bigger. Although people love having a tree or two on the lawn, roots are a potential cause of blocked drainage. How is this even possible?

Roots might be small during the time of drainage installation, but with time the root will grow to the point that it interferes with the entire drainage system.

Damaged drainage systems might hinder the smooth flow of waste watery. This problem is beyond your control; the best solution is to contact a professional plumber from plumber gawler to assist you.