Dealing with the sweltering temperatures of summer will be extremely difficult if you have a damaged HVAC unit. When temperatures outside start to warm up, AC repairs in Kokomo start to become more common. If you want to keep your unit more reliable, then you have to learn how to spot problems well in advance. One of the main things you need to keep an eye out for is issues involving an underperforming unit.

An underperforming HVAC unit will have a hard time keeping the inside of a home at a comfortable temperature. There are a number of issues that can put a stranglehold on an HVAC unit and cause it to not perform at peak efficiency. Below are some problems that can cause an HVAC unit to underperform and what can be done to fix them.

Clogged Air Filters Need To Be Replaced

Homeowners spend millions of dollars on HVAC repairs and maintenance every year. The average HVAC unit needs a few basic things to stay functional. One of the most important things your residential HVAC unit needs is the right amount of airflow. There are a number of things that can restrict the air your HVAC unit needs to operate. Among the most common issues that can cause restricted airflow is a dirty air filter.

The air filter in your HVAC unit will collect a lot of dirt, dust and pollen over time. These filters are designed to be changed once every two months. If you neglect to change these filters in time, you will start to notice your unit performing sluggishly.

A dirty air filter is also horrible for your indoor air supply. This is why you need to set reminders to change your air filter once every two months or so. Using high-quality replacement filters will allow you to catch more pollutants, which will improve the quality of your indoor air supply.

Improperly Charged Refrigerant

When an HVAC unit stops producing cold air, it is usually caused by low refrigerant levels. Refrigerant helps to cool off the air taken in by the outdoor portion of the HVAC system. Refrigerant also removes humidity from the hot air before it is cooled and dispersed throughout a home. Some homeowners make the mistake of trying to put refrigerant in an HVAC unit without the help of professionals.

This usually results in the unit getting overcharged with refrigerant. Units that are consistently overcharged tend to wear out much faster. This is why you need to avoid DIY refrigeration installation. Leaving this complex job to the professionals is crucial when trying to ensure it is done correctly. Professionals will have the tools needed to check and put in more refrigerant if needed.

Bent Fins On The Exterior Portion of the Unit

The heart of your unit, the compressor, is located in the outside portion of your HVAC system. The compressor is where the refrigerant gets condensed and distributed. When this process occurs, a lot of heat is expelled through the metal fins located on the exterior portion of your unit. If these fins get bent during a DIY cleaning attempt, it can affect how well the HVAC unit operates.

If heat is unable to escape through these metal fins, it can result in the compressor getting overheated. When this overheating occurs, the compressor will shut down. Consistent compressor overheating can lead to the need for a replacement compressor. This is why you need to get any bent fins on the exterior portion of your unit fixed as soon as possible.

By fixing the issues mentioned here, you can keep your unit running at peak efficiency.