We all know how essential proper lighting is in our homes and personal spaces, but even though we are aware of this, not many of us pay enough attention to the lighting of our abodes.

The problem with lighting is that we get too caught up in fixing everything else – such as the décor, the colour of the interiors, and other architectural and structural details and elements – that we end up neglecting our lighting needs and requirements.

Lighting also plays a central role in our home’s ambience, and it can definitely affect our mood as well. If you want to have the right lighting for the various rooms of your home but aren’t quite sure how to go about fixing it, here are some top tips from the experts for the proper lighting of your home’s different areas.


This is undoubtedly one common mistake made by homeowners and property owners everywhere: overdoing it when it comes to overhead lighting.

Too much overhead lighting can result in dark spots and corners, and it can create unwanted and unpleasant shadows. If you want to light up a space without relying too much on overhead lighting, what you can do is hang a large lighting pendant or a chandelier in an area where many of the family congregate, such as a family room or living room.

For the kitchen, you can take advantage of a globe fixture that gives off even light and leaves more space for your worktops.

Your living area, on the other hand, can benefit from floor lamps and wall sconces, and for your dining room, you can install a sculptural lighting fixture above the dining table which can provide the room with depth and warmth, especially when combined with accent lighting.

Many of us appreciate the warmth and cosiness of a room with the proper modern lighting, and you can have this by creating the right ambience.

One of the foremost things you can do is install dimmer switches on all your light fixtures so you can manually and instantly adjust the lighting in a room or space according to your preference or according to the natural light in the area or the seasons.

If you want something more soothing and cosy in your bedroom, you can also make use of a bedside lighting fixture installed with both a movable or adjustable shade and a dimmer.

While it’s all well and good to focus on the big picture (and hence, the big elements such as chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and everything else), you shouldn’t neglect the little details, either.

For instance, if you are making use of a shade, regardless if it’s on a wall sconce, a lamp, or a chandelier, use soft white or frosted bulbs so you can eliminate hot spots and shadows which come from shade clips.

The same is true for the seams of lampshades – make sure they are hidden as they can really obstruct the overall look and feel of your space. Exposed lampshade seams, as the experts say, are akin to putting a dress or shirt on backwards.

Pay attention to the big things and the little things, and you’ll go a long way in ensuring the proper lighting for your home.