We spend about one-third of our life in the bed sleeping or relaxing, soap making this one third as comfortable as possible is justifiable. So one can invest in the batting as much as he can in order to ensure a warm and comfy space to provide him with the maximum comfort and fewer sleepless nights.

When it comes to making the bed cozy for frosty winter nights, 13.5 tog duvet and 15 togs duvet come in mind. Because in the winter, droughts and snow make the nights freezing, and we require something worthy enough to resist these droughts and chilly winds. 

15 tog duvet is a bit controversial because not everyone can use them, especially hot sleepers and those living in tropical areas. But if you are a cold sleeper and live anywhere which is located at higher than sea level, you can use a 15 tog duvet to warm up yourself and prevent waking up every morning with cold toes. 

Other than the tog value, here are a few essential things you should consider to get the premium quality duvets for yourself.


Get the right size

Like other bedding elements, duvets come in all standard sizes, such as for single, jumbo king size and super king-size beds. Therefore it is a good idea to consider the size of your bed and then make the purchase.

You should also find if you are using it alone or there are two of you in the bed. If you are alone to use it, go for the same size as your bed, but if you have a partner, you should buy one size larger.

This will provide enough duvets to cover both of you and provide compatible sleep. Buying one size larger can avoid the midnight horror comments and ensure that you get quality sleep. A few of the commonly used dimensions are given below. 

The filling materials

Many natural and synthetic materials are used to make the duvet inserts—each of these materials of some characteristic features that are very unlikely to be obtained from another one. Natural materials are usually soft, breathable, lightweight, and highly.

Commonly used natural feelings are cotton, wool, down, feather, and silk. Down and feathers are the widely used ones. They are obtained from the feathers of birds mostly duck or goose. Canadian and Swedish down are the popular options and consider it as high-quality inserting material. 

Among the natural materials down and silk are the ideal choices, but the drawback of them is they are costlier. Feather Inserts are lightweight and very comfortable, but they tend to escape from the shell and make the duvets thin over time.

Moreover, none of these materials is hypoallergenic, so the people suffering from skin and respiratory disorders should not buy them. 

Synthetic materials include microfiber and hollow fiber. They are usually obtained from polyester or its derivatives and result in extremely warm, hardwearing, and hypoallergenic duvets.

They are an ideal choice for all those suffering from any allergies. Microfiber mimics the properties of town and is considered as a less expensive alternative to it as well. Visit the Yorkshire Bedding UK online store for buying quality duvet togs.

The only thing you should keep in mind while buying the synthetic feelings is that they trap heat quickly and can overheat you if you are a warm sleeper.

Fill power 

Fill power determines the softness and loft of the duvets. It is directly related to thermal insulation as well. The thermal insulation increases with an increase in the fill power; it means that when you are buying a 15 tog duvet, it must have a higher fill power.

Generally, the fill power varies from 200 to 900. Where 200 to 400 is referred to as summer, 400-600 is meant for the fall, 600 to 800 is ideal for the winter, and 900 is for winter plus or 15 tog duvets.