There are many factors home sellers consider when deciding who to sell a house. For many, it all comes down to who offers the most money. However, if you cannot offer the most, then you may want to consider writing a nice offer letter. This letter emphasizes your desire to purchase the house and how well you will take care of it. Marina del Rey real estate is competitive enough. You can give yourself an edge with a well-crafted letter.

Explain What You Love About the Property

How would you answer the question, “What does this house offer compared to other condos for sale near me?” You need to explain everything you love about the house in your letter. Are you a fan of the big backyard? Perhaps you are a fan of the kitchen and would not change a thing about it. Homeowners love to be flattered, so win them over with your charm. Talk about whatever grabbed your attention most, so you can discuss it in detail.

Format Your Letter in a Cute Way

Your letter does not necessarily have to be professional. You can have some fun with it if you think the owner would enjoy that. You should have already met the owner and have a sense of his or her personality, so you can adjust accordingly. Feel free to have fun with fonts and pictures of you with your family. Owners want to know precisely who will be living in their house, so make it clear who you are from the start.

Make a Personal Connection

If you had an opportunity to speak with the homeowner, then you may have talked about more than just the house. Perhaps you are fans of the same sports team or both love dogs. When you share a common hobby or value, you definitely need to mention it in the letter. It makes you more relatable, and you stand out more among the competition. It also shows you are not sending the same generic offer letter to every homeowner you meet.

Print Out a Hard Copy

It is easy for an email to get lost in the clutter. When you want to stand out, you should print out a hard copy and mail it directly to the owner. They will likely be delighted to receive a physical letter like in the old days. However, you need to make sure the owners still live at the house. Otherwise, your offer letter will get lost, and that will not do you any good. Mailing a physical letter shows just a bit more initiative, and it could be the icing on the cake to win you the house.

Ultimately, an offer letter shows how serious you are about a house. Dozens of people may look at the property and think about giving an offer. You need to show you are dead-set on this particular house and how there is no other property for you. Your real estate agent can help you write the letter if you need some help. It may be just the thing to put you over the edge.

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