People have different needs, and college students are no exception to that premise. They undergo a lot of adjustments, especially in their first year away from home.

A busy schedule can make them forget the most basic things: eating, brushing teeth, combing hair, and even washing their clothes. When dirty garments pile up in the corner of their dorm rooms, it is time to go to a self-service laundromat.

It helps them by making clothes clean again and removing an extra load of their minds.

Clothes are the most commonly used item in any room in a dormitory or boarding house. These are also the first ones to run out since every student changes clothes a couple of times a day.

Those who forget to wash their garments end up using a specific item more than once. So going to a self-service laundromat is a great way to ensure that you do not run out of clothes, especially if you have a sudden date or a part-time work emergency you need to go to.

Aside from getting clean clothing, doing your laundry at a shop gives you several benefits. 


Most laundromats have opening and closing times that are perfect for college pupils. Some open as early as six in the morning and close at around ten at night.

This schedule was made so that students can always choose to go to their most convenient time. They can do their laundry before their classes start, or they can opt to wash their clothes and linen after their school timetables.

They can even run to the shop during break time or weekends when their workloads are not as hectic. 

Time management

If you lived with your parents and guardian when you were younger, you know that laundry is a time-consuming chore in the household.

Having a washing machine at home would help if the load is probably less than three kilos, and if you have the space necessary to dry the garments out. However, it is a different matter when you are living alone while in college. 

A responsible college student would know how to balance priorities. Washing clothes should be one of them. Fortunately, self-service laundromats have a lot of big washing machines and dryers.

Depending on how many dirty garments and beddings you have, you can wash and dry all of them in around thirty minutes to an hour.

You can use the waiting time to do other things like, eat meals, go to the library, and read a book (or your lessons) – so that your time is maximised. 

Ecological and economical

Being eco-friendly is turning out to be the hype of the century. But this trend is not going away soon, and doing your laundry at the laundromat is one of the best examples of doing your part in saving the environment.

The washing and drying machines at the shop are not the types that are at your parents’ house. These are heavy-duty equipment that is more efficient when it comes to eco-friendliness.

Less energy (or electricity) is consumed, and water consumption is reduced by up to twenty per cent. You also use less detergent since you can do just one full load instead of doing two or smaller laundry batches. 

If you feel that doing the laundry is time-consuming, think again. Going to a self-service laundry shop increases productivity while ensuring that you smell good and clean anytime. 

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