Give your home a “bang” by using high-quality quartz countertops. 

These engineered stone countertops have been popular among homeowners and design experts. Quartz countertops not only revamp the aesthetics but are highly functional and resistant to mechanical and chemical damage.

But this isn’t all! There is much more to talk about quartz and why homeowners and designers are raving about it in 2022! This post covers all these burning questions regarding the quartz countertops! So read on to cover it all one by one.

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Let’s dive into it!

Why are quartz countertops perfect for remodelling?

Beloved by millions of homeowners and designers across the globe, quartz, packed with shine, is manufactured with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. The best quality quartz countertops are heat and stain-resistant. These are available in many colours, patterns, and tones. 

From monochromatic hues to patterned designs and neutral to earth tones, versatility can be easily seen in the design styles. In addition, quartz countertops make the interiors look beautiful and create an everlasting impression. 

Exploring various types of high-quality quartz countertops

Here are some mind-blowing quartz countertop types that everyone will love to have in kitchen and bathroom spaces.

  1. Waterfall quartz countertops

In this realm of contemporary or modern kitchen and bathroom designs, various innovations in aesthetics have stirred the interests of homeowners and design experts. For example, the edges of the waterfall quartz countertop create an island without additional cabinetry. 

It protects the edge of the cabinet run and creates an optical illusion to enlarge the spaces. The waterfall edges are eye-catching and durable, enhancing the spacious interiors in many ways. It gives a high-end option with a seamless look to the kitchen or bathroom. A waterfall quartz countertop is spectacularly stunning and can be the centrepiece of the contemporary and modern kitchen. 

  1. Black quartz countertops

Elegant, edgy, sophisticated, or classic, black quartz countertops are the first choice of homeowners. The latest trends suggest that black never goes out of trend and suits several traditional and contemporary interior design selections. Black quartz countertops comprise excellent features enhancing the interiors through its resistance and gravitas. 

The black quartz countertops withstand the heat and are resilient to scratches. These come in a variation of trending colours and finishes. Homeowners and designers are not limited to one type as many options are available, ranging from black sparkle to matte black quartz. Give a dramatic statement to the kitchen with black quartz countertops.

  1. Bullnose edge quartz countertop

The quality quartz countertops come in various edge styles. The bullnose edge quartz countertop has a delicate curve on the top, which goes behind the lower side. It helps the housemakers protect the cabinets underneath as it does not allow the water to run off the countertop. In addition, in bullnose edge quartz countertop, it becomes easy for individuals to wipe the spills easily.

There are several other options available when it comes to the selection of choosing quartz countertop edges. Complement kitchens and bathrooms by making a statement with these bullnose edge quartz countertops. The bullnose edge quartz countertops work well with every counter material. Make sure to choose the right kind of quartz countertop for the spaces.

  1. Helix quartz countertop 

The helix quartz countertops completely transform the kitchen and bathroom with stunning bright white bedrock. The classical appearance makes it a perfect choice for urban and modern style kitchens and bathrooms for commercial and residential applications. In addition, helix quartz countertops are durable, relatively easy to maintain and are viable selections for kitchen and bathroom spaces. 

The helix quartz countertops are not only spectacular but are ultra-resistant to bacteria and microbes. If planning to remodel the kitchen, the helix countertop makes the right choice. The suede finish makes homeowners and designers think of this feasible selection as it gives space a makeover.  It is easy to install quartz countertops in kitchens or bathrooms to give better aesthetics to the space.

  1. Orange quartz countertop

Give the kitchen or bathroom a sizzling effect with an orange quartz countertop. It is made of an orange stone with a tempered square finish spreading its glint to the space. The backsplash design of the orange quartz countertop suits every style. Orange quartz countertops give a style statement making spaces stand out for their appearances. 

Invigorate up the kitchen with quartz countertops. It will give the slabs a modern, contemporary, and glossy touch. It is beyond the choice and gives a seamless look to the remodelled spaces. Refurbish the interiors with orange quartz countertops and infuse life to any space. The orange accent fits any space and style.

  1. Retro-inspired quartz countertops

Retro-Inspired quartz countertops are the ultimate staple for the ultra-model bathroom and kitchen. Give retro-inspired aesthetics to the interiors with quartz countertops. It is the perfect pick to modernize the kitchen. This quality of quartz countertops provides a stunning look multiplying the kitchen’s value. 

Create an awesome exquisite view by fabricating these retro-inspired countertops. It has the best quality quartz countertops with exceptional features that do not need any resealing. Just embellish the kitchen with quartz countertops and give it an appealing view. Minimal and organic patterns are the perfect choice for homeowners.

  1. Concrete-esque quartz countertops

Give an enticing touch to the kitchen and enhance the glamour with concrete-look quartz countertops. The countertops give an abstract look and give depth to the overall ambiance. In addition, the stylish concrete quartz countertops bring luxury to the aesthetics. 

But with a perfect blend of rugged, cloudburst, airy concrete, raw concrete, and topus concrete quartz countertops, there can be no way to achieve such casual elegance. So, get intriguing looks at the kitchens with concrete look quartz countertops. 

Wrapping up

Nothing could be a better option for accentuating the looks of the spaces. Revamp the kitchen and bathrooms with the best quality quartz countertop. These are durable and adaptable regardless of the design styles. 

The quartz countertops highlight the stone’s beauty to a large extent, at a good price point. Whether it’s enhanced toughness, a wide array of designs, or easy maintenance, quartz countertops deem the most enduring choice that homeowners and designers would ever make.