When you live in a low space home it can be cozy, but sometimes decorating the place can be difficult while keeping the space in mind to make it look and comfortable without overcrowding the space. Therefore, you need to get creative in your approach. Hence, to help you with that, here are a few essential and non-essential things for your low space home.

Storage Ottomans

Since you live in a small space, everything is a storage space if you look at it in that way. Ottomans with storage space in it are the best way to make your home look perfect by adding extra space to store small things, when necessary, without hoarding a coffee table or study table. You can choose from multiple types of ottomans which will best suit your aesthetic.

Bulky Curtains

Bulky curtains that block out the lights are something you need to avoid if you live in a small space. Blackout drapes shrink a small space significantly and stop the natural light from flowing into the room, which is a significant factor in making the room look larger. Opt for light material drapes instead or curtains with subtle patterns and designs in lighter colors.

Mounted Furniture

To increase the space of your place, mounting the furniture is the best solution. It gives you more walking area in the room and can make space look bigger. A mounted media console or television on the wall is perfect if you want to regain the necessary floor space. Bed tucked in the corner of the room or on one wall gives the room more leg space than when it is in the middle of the room.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are unnecessary hoarders for small homes. If you are looking to revamp your space by decluttering it, consider removing table lamps first. We are not saying that you need to get rid of lights altogether, but when it comes to non-essential items for a small space home, table lamps are on the top of the list. You can trade out those big table lamps for wall lamps. There are different types of wall sconces you can choose from, according to your aesthetic. You can mount lights and lamps on the wall, which will take less room and revamp your place.

Tons of Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are always a concerning factor for every household. Who needs so many pillows where everyone is supposed to sit? When you have people over or even if you are alone in your family, having too many pillows on the couch becomes a major factor in hoarding where most of the pillows are found on the floor once everyone takes the seat. A perfect replacement for throw pillows on the couch can be a couple of blankets. It will make your house feel more cozy and warm.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are most essential for a low-space home. When you don’t have enough space in your home to keep things, floating shelves mounted on a wall come in handy. You can store your books, photo frames, and even decorative essentials on those shelves to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing without adding a shelf in a room. You can also use the floating shelves to keep small plants in your home.

Floating shelves is also DIY for which you do not need to hire people. Along with this you can do various DIV to improve your living space which will save you time and money while decorating your home.

Small Furniture

Sometimes adding too much small furniture in your home can make it look cramped up. This is where large furniture comes in handy. If you select carefully, large furniture can make space feel larger. For instance, if you live in a home with high ceilings, consider adding a tall cabinet. This will considerably draw one’s eye upward and away from the small space of the room.

Security and Insurance

To know the value of your house is very important despite its size. Its security should always be your top priority. A home security system helps to protect your property and those inside from burglary, home intrusion, and so on. Similarly, if something happens to your home or the things inside it, home insurance can help you revive the damage.

Home insurance is a type of property insurance that covers your house from all kinds of dangers like accidents, thefts, perils, damages, and even catastrophic devastations caused by earthquakes. If any damage occurs to your home, the financial pain of rebuilding is difficult and tedious. Home insurance policies spare you the horror to go through the process under duress. You should get  more info on home insurance before choosing one.

All in all, it is essential to ensure your home against all kinds of man-made and natural calamities that might happen to assure yourself and your loved ones of a secured future.


When you live in a small space home, it is difficult to fit in everything. This is where hardcore planning comes. Always be brutal while planning things that are essential and non-essential to keep in your home. While a bigger home might seem like a dream, you can make the most of your place by maximizing available space.