Regardless of what you’re decorating, tapping into your creative side and letting it flow through you feels amazing. While decorating a more substantial space gives you a lot of room to experiment, decorating a small place can be trickier. The main conflict arises when creativity and practicality clash with one another. Here mentioned below are five common mistakes that people often make, and that you should avoid.

The first thing that people do wrong is that they try to fit everything they own in a very limited space. The first thing that you should do is prioritize your things. Make a list of the prerequisites and then move on to decorations. Evaluate the essentials such as your bed, your sofa etc. according to the size of your rooms. Start decorations by painting the walls, once you’re done with that, you’ll have a color scheme in mind that will help you prioritize.

Another mistake that I’ve seen often is not cleaning properly. While you might get away with it in a larger house, smaller places need to be clean at all times. If you don’t clean properly, chances are that the place will start looking stuffier. If you just moved into the new apartment, remember to take necessary cleaning equipment with you.

Planning is essential to execute anything you have in mind. Most people think that because it’s a small place they’ll figure it out as they go along. This often results in creative disasters. Make sure you have a plan of action, and that you stick to it. Make important decisions such as storage places, color pallets, arrangements and allocations of sleeping and entertainment places before you get started.

Most people don’t think about the color and try to wing it when they get started. Remember while you don’t need to paint your walls white, it is recommended to stick to a lighter color pallet. Lighter colors make the room look brighter and give an illusion of more space. Apart from that, you should also let natural lighting brighten up your place. Use mirrors on the opposite side of the windows to make it look like you have more room.

Just because your place is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be authentic to yourself. Your house should represent the kind of person that you are. You should try to find a middle ground between creativity and practicality. You don’t have to compromise on the type of furniture that you put in your home; you have to compromise on the number of large pieces that your house needs.

If you manage to avoid the mistakes mentioned above, you’ll be creating a perfect blend of practicality and creativity in your home. Remember to further research before you get started. Have a great time decorating and feel free to share your opinion on the matter down below.

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