By Utilizing the technology and internet you can make yours a smart home . Smart Home appliances are getting popular and they are becoming the recent trend. Smart Home appliances make your life simple and they could be operated through voice commands or through mobile application. Simply through voice commands you could operate the smart appliances like locking your doors, operating your lights and playing music. 

Owning a Smart Home appliance is no longer a luxurious thing it has become a necessity in this Digital World. Having a Smart home is essential than renovating your normal home. 

Sometimes having Smart Home is more convenient and saves your energy and time. Smart Home Appliances have become a significant part of most of our lives. 


A hub is the medium which connects several devices and Controls the communication between them. The Automation Hub is all about Internet of Things and they might be connected locally or even through cloud sources. 

Almost all the Home Devices are wireless, when you have a number of Smart Devices all of them are connected to the Hub means of wire to the router. From that point of contact rest of all the Smart devices could be controlled. Smart Devices are available for all the rooms of your house. 

How Do Smart Hubs Work?

Most of the Devices which are automated and works on Internet-Of-Things are connected to a single medium. Smart Hub acts as the single medium for all other devices. One main advantage of using a Smart Hub is one single app to operate the rest of the connected devices. 

Each device has different instructions to be given and controlling of different devices becomes easier. Hub allows you to have a 

Here are some of the Essential Smart home appliances that will help you in making your life easier and simpler. 


Home Security systems are essential for a Home to prevent burglary and any suspicious activity. Home Security System includes Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera. Placing an Indoor and Outdoor camera will be helpful in monitoring the activity of any strangers.

Get a Security Camera which will cover your windows and your House Main area. Placing Security cameras both Indoor and Outdoor at all entry points is a must. Security alarm is also a must. Check the Verisure cost before installing it.


Smart Home Locks are operated remotely from anywhere which helps you to allow permission for people to enter your home through a Digital key. By having a smart home lock you can let your trusted friend of yours or any service person inside your house even when you are away. 


Many elderly people will not be able to handle the keys because of the shivering and fumbling. Touch Lock comes with the option of Touch-To-Open option letting you to open just by simply pressing it. 


Voice Controlled Locks are simple to operate and an essential home automated thing which saves you from forgetting your keys. With the Voice Command you could lock and unlock your home easily. 


Certain Door locks are password protected and some with pin protected. So the person who knows the pin or the password could only operate it. 

Fingerprint locks are yet another useful device for a single person who is living in the home but the major disadvantage is that only one person could open it and rest all should wait until that person arrives. 


Smoke detectors is a safety device and the most significant one for a Smart Home. Smoke detector consists of sensor and the alarm. Smoke detector helps in identifying the smoke immediately after the leakage and the alarm immediately alerts the people inside the home. Smoke detectors could prevent fire accidents and the smoke detector should be loud enough with high decibels since even if you are away from the device it will help you to hear it. 


Living room is one of the most comfortable parts of our Home, the latest technology includes smart thermostat for your living space. The thermostat comes in different modes and it includes: Heat, Cold, Heat-Cool & Eco Mode

Heat: Be it a rainy or a monsoon season, when you set the mode to heat then it will heat the room to the temperature that you have set. The temperature that you have set will not cross the scheduled setting and even if it is above the safety settings will never let it overheat. 

Cold: When you have set the temperature to cold, it will maintain the standard temperature and once it detects the safety temperature then it automatically starts the cooling process.

Heat-Cool: Based on the Setting the temperatures are manually changed but still based on the humidity and the weather this mode is set. Sometimes switching of both the modes is required and this would be the handy option at that time.  

Eco Mode: Eco modes are either hot or cold and the eco mode changes to the temperature based on the temperature outside the home. 


Smart Home Lights are a bit expensive but still they could save a lot of energy than the normal lights. The best part of smart home lighting system is the automated on\off mechanism. Smart LED Bulbs are not only remotely operated but they produce the brightest light. Scheduling on and off of the bulbs is also possible with the Smart LED Bulbs. Wake up features are also available and could be scheduled. 


One of the essential applications when it comes to Smart Home Appliance is a Motion Sensor. Motion Sensor can help you knowing any suspicious activity that has occurred in your home when you are not available. Motion Sensors are not only used for detecting the intrusion of a stranger but also they could be used for operating the room lights. 


Smart Light Switch is easier to install and the device lets you operate the switched through a control. Brightness of the bulb could be adjusted with the remote or through voice commands too. Dimmer the bulbs or increase the brightness of the Bulbs with the help of a simple switch. Smart Switches are operated with the help of the mobile application easily from anywhere. Electricity bills are also cut down and during your vacation time you could also create a false impression of being at home by operating it through mobile. 

How Is A Smart Switch operated? 

Installation of the Smart switch is same as that of normal process. Smart Switch is operated in the simplest form without using a hub and any of the gateway devices. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the devices. You could directly connect with the switches. Smart switches work even on 2- Wire Circuit. 


Compact water sensor helps you in identifying the leakage of water in your home. Smart Water Sensor could be used not only at home but also in office and almost all places. Detection of leakage of water could prevent the wastage of water, they could be connected with the hub same like other smart appliances they could also be operated easily. 

Having a smart water sensor helps in reducing the bill and saving the energy. Customization of water leakage is possible with the help of water sensors. Choosing the right water sensor for your place will be still more helpful. 


Carbon Monoxide is considered to be a very harmful gas and exposure to it might lead to even death at certain cases. Carbon monoxide detectors are very much helpful in saving your family members and people who have breathing problems. The electrodes which are placed inside the sensor will detect the high exposure of carbon monoxide and it causes the alarm sound. Color changes occur when carbon monoxide is detected from any flame causing appliances or nearby any fireplaces.


The Smart Wireless Window & door sensor is attached to the walls and the doors. It is a sensor along with the alarm mechanism. The wireless door sensor is used to detect the intrusion of any strangers. In the entry point the door and the window sensor is used for operating remotely. With the One-touch button sensor the movement of the strangers are tracked. Automatic Push notifications will be sent to your mobile and will be helpful even when you are away. Wireless Window & door sensor mechanism is very affordable and the sensors are installed using a magnet. 

Sensor works on the mobile application and it is easily operated with single clicks. Control the volume of the alarm like increase and decrease the sound through your mobile phone. 


Smart Home Appliances are not only for making your Home look luxurious. Being Comfortable is good but the essential thing that a home should possess is safety. Most of the houses are having smart security automated system to protect their homes and their belongings. Smart Devices will make your life easier and more comfortable for you to live. 

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