A memory foam mattress is an excellent one, especially when it’s new, for it offers the best place to rest after a day’s hard work.  However, as years pass by, these beds start losing their grip such that they lose their firmness.

This is also inclusive of the mattress getting dirty, making you uncomfortable to sleep on it.

Once it gets that bad, you have to consider steam cleaning your memory foam mattress to make it a better bed. To know more about it, you can visit this furniture blog as well. 

When sweat and other forms of dirt keep accumulating on your memory foam mattress, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and other pests.

Avoid all these by using the steam cleaning method that does an excellent job of cleaning your mattress. Learn how to steam clean a memory foam mattress (the best way) and regularly to make it last longer.

This is an eco-friendly cleaning method that focuses on removing all kinds of dirt, leaving your memory foam mattress looking as good as new.


How to steam clean a memory foam mattress (the best way)

If you want to do away with the smell, dust mites, and any other form of dirt, you have to learn how to steam clean a memory foam mattress (the best way).

This is an effective method that eliminates allergens leaving your bed as clean as new. With a clean bed, you will sleep soundly, helping you relax and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

This is how you steam clean your memory foam mattress;

Step 1

The first step is removing anything covering your mattress. We are talking about bed sheets, pillows, blanket, mattress topper, and duvet. Put them all aside before you begin this process.

Step 2

Pick everything that you have removed from your mattress for cleaning and sanitization. Wash all of them in your washing machine with high heat to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Sanitize and deodorize them once you are done cleaning.

Step 3

Back to your memory foam mattress. Make a solution of baking soda and use it to deodorize the mattress. Take about 240ml of baking soda solution and sprinkle it all over your mattress.

Be keen to cover every corner that dust mites might be hiding. Note that the quantity of baking soda you will use will depend on the size of the mattress you have. To deodorize your mattress, add a few drops of essential oil.

For stubborn stains, add a bit of white vinegar to the baking soda solution and sprinkle it on your mattress.

Step 4

Once you are done sprinkling your mattress with baking soda, give it time to absorb dirt and smell. You can leave it for about an hour so that it works effectively. However, if your mattress was severely stained or had a strong foul odor, probably allow the baking soda to sit the whole day.

Step 5

It is time to vacuum your mattress. Now that you have given the baking soda time to work on your mattress, the next step is running the hand vacuum. Use the hand vacuum attachment to slowly stroke your mattress so that it sucks up all the dirt.

Use short strokes to place the vacuum in areas you frequently lie on to clean your mattress thoroughly. It would be best if you used a wide-mouth hose attachment that features a rotating brush.

Step 6

After vacuuming your mattress, the next step is to steam clean. Follow the manufacture’s instructions to fill your heat steamer.

The water tank should be filled, as suggested by the manufacturer. Therefore, you must read the manual that comes with your steam cleaner so that you understand the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once you fill the water tank to the advised level, please turn on the machine and give it a bit of time to heat up.

Step 7

Use long and slow strokes to apply the steam to the mattress by holding the steamer above without allowing it to touch it.

Start from the top left corner of the mattress, moving slowly to the right as you head down. Apply the hot steam in even rows ensuring that you cover the entire mattress.

Step 8

Deep clean the sides of your mattress by running the steamer along the sides. These are the areas that bed bugs and mites tend to hide; hence you should deep steam thoroughly for maximum steam penetration.

Step 9

Once you are done steam cleaning, give your mattress up to 4 hours to dry completely. If you want your mattress to dry much quicker, move it to an area with direct sunlight or turn on your room’s fans.

Step 10

When your mattress is completely dry, cover it with clean sheets. However, press your mattress down using your hand to ensure that no moisture is left. Never sleep on a moist mattress, for it causes the growth of mold and bacteria.

After you are guaranteed that your mattress is completely dry, you can now enjoy your sleep on a clean mattress.

Final thought

Many of us have a habit of jumping right into bed without having a second thought of cleaning our mattresses. If you have never cleaned your mattress since you bought it, I can only imagine the kind of dirt piled up.

You might not notice it, but mattresses are full of dirt and end up picking different types of dirt mites. It would be best if you cleaned your mattress regularly to keep off all kinds of dirt. 

Cleaning a mattress is not an uphill task once you know how to steam clean a memory foam mattress (the best way). Steam cleaning is paramount, for it effectively does away with dirt while eliminating loose fibers. 

Stubborn stains, nasty dust mites, and other allergens can all be removed through steam cleaning. It is essential to vacuum your memory foam mattress first before steam cleaning for effective results.