Since the average American single-family home is around 1,600 square feet, it’s only to be expected that people are in possession of a lot of property.

Art, furniture, jewelry, and other precious objects are all things that people consider significant to themselves and their lives, and because of this it’s important to store them properly. Here, we’re going to talk about storing valuable items, so read on to ensure that your belongings remain secure!

1. Safes

Assuming that your items are small enough to fit in a box, you may want to invest in a safe for your valuables.

These safes can come with a variety of encryption options, including but not limited to lock and key systems, dial combinations, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and two- factor authentication that consists of multiple types of verification.

Safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that will best contain your valuables. This is an excellent way to keep your valuable items close to you at home without needing to put them in a storage facility.

It also allows you to rest easy without worrying about items being stolen, even in the unlikely event that burglars find your home.

2. Locked Rooms and At-Home Storage Spaces

Though safes come in many sizes, some of your valuables may be too large to contain in any of them. Jewelry is going to fit in a tiny safe. However,  art that’s intended to cover an entire wall or vintage cabinets and furniture aren’t going to be able to.

Because of this, you may want to keep the pieces that you aren’t using in a closet that you secure well.

Make sure to install a system that requires multiple keys in order to enter the room. You can keep these keys in a hollowed-out book or CD case that you place inconspicuously on a shelf. For an added layer of protection, these key-holding boxes can be locked as well.

You can read on here to learn more about how to protect secure rooms in your home against burglars and thieves.

3. Storage Facilities

If your items aren’t something that you use on a daily basis or if they’re simply heirlooms that you want to save for posterity, you can place them in a secure storage facility away from your home.

This is a good option if you are worried about burglars and do not regularly use or want access to the items that you are storing.

It is also a good idea if you need a space larger than a safe that you can install in your home. While closets and locked rooms are and in the home storage option, these are nowhere near as secure as a professional storage facility would be.

These facilities are specifically designed to require expert authentication before items can be accessed, so you can rest assured if you choose this alternative.

More on Storing Valuable Items

Now that you know how to store valuable items and keep them safe, it’s time to learn more.

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