5 Tips for Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Home


Area rugs are a great way to tie together many spaces in your home. They offer a place to cozy up with loved ones, a comfy place to rest your feet and a way to bring in all the elements of your room’s design. How Do I Choose A Good Area Rug? Area rugs work […]

Area Rug Designs For Your Living Room


Ever had yourself lost in thought just trying to figure out how best to install an area rug in your living room? trust us, we’ve been through that before! Living room area rugs offer design flexibility. If the placement is correct, the whole room gets into focus. Therefore, invest time and effort when locating the […]

Are Area Rugs Still Trendy?


Recently, everyone has been running away from the use of area rugs, as a matter of fact, people have decided to rely on tiles, probably because it’s much easier to maintain, cleanup is easy and stains aren’t really as sticky as they would be, if a rug was the case… but hold on a minute! […]