How To Glue Metal To Glass

Glass and metal are quite common materials that can be used in the home and industry. Often there is a need to glue such materials, which can be quite difficult. Special substances and adhesive technologies are used for this purpose. Types of adhesives  First of all, you should decide what kind of substance to use […]

What You MUST Consider When Installing Glass Railing on Stairs

glass railings stairs

More and more homeowners are beginning to consider introducing glass railing in their house in place of traditional balustrades carved out of steel or timber.  Glass railings carry a distinctive appearance and character, which other styles of metal or wooden bars cannot reproduce. The sleek designing and the ability to see beyond imparts them a form that is unique to them. […]

Best Applications of Insulated Glass Units at Home and Commercial Buildings

Would you believe that the earliest samples of man-made glass data as far back as 3500 BC? Although glass was found at that time, the real invention of blowpipes in the 1st century was what made glass-making faster and easier.  Soon, it was found all across the Roman empire and spread to several other places. […]

Top 5 Glass Shelves Wall Mount Ideas for Modern Interior Decor in 2019

Having glass wall shelves in your interior décor makes your home or office look contemporary. There are different glass shelves designs that you can select to be installed in different parts of your home or your office. It could be in the visitors’ waiting room, main office, common room, of your living room. The choice […]