Have you ever wondered why wooden furniture looks so good? The two characteristics of wooden furniture are responsible for that. The first one is the unique colors of the wood and the next one is the size of their grains. 

According to Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company, wood is one of the most high maintenance materials. Being a natural element, wood tends to absorb both the oil-based stains as well as the water-based ones. 

That is why, the stain you choose, will get blended into the wood and create a unique look for your cabinets. That is why it is always necessary to test the color of the stain on any unconscious area of your cabinet before finalizing it. 

Along with the natural color, the different characteristics of woods of different tree species also affects the way it interacts with your choice of stain. 

Before choosing the wooden cabinets for your bath and kitchen know that the characteristics of the woods will change over time due to the temperature, moisture and the exposure to sunlight. 

If you still want to make wooden furniture for your bath and your kitchen, you should check the following list of popular wood choices. This list will help you to understand your preferences better and pick the one that suits you the most. 



Cherry woods is one of the most popular choices when it comes to cabinets. The uniform grain color and the medium reddish tinge of the wood gives it a vogue look that catches the attention of the onlookers.

The elegant looks and feel of the cherry wood have also made it one of the most expensive hardwood choices of modern times.

Another reason for its popularity is the way it interacts it with the stains. The professionals of Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company find it very easy to make the cherry wood look vintage by using stains. The rich and warm color of the wood darkens with the age and offers a very upper-class vibe.


It is another popular wood option that people love in their kitchen or baths. The color of this wood is lighter than cherry but the texture is smoother. This is what makes this wood ideal for painting or staining.

The different characters and versatility have enabled maple to rule the traditional country kitchen as well as the modern ones. 

The grain of the wood is consistent, tight and uniform and any of the natural wooden streaks will get darker if you use stains.

Once the wood is polished and stained, the curling waves and the fine lines of the wood look pretty attractive. Ultimately this look boosts the value and the popularity of the furniture made of Maple wood. 


Known for its strength Oak is one of the more inexpensive hardwood choices of modern times. The abundance of oak trees in the United States is the reason behind this. For centuries, oak has been used for making furniture.

The toughness and the ability to resist damages have made this hardwood one of the favorites of the professionals of Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company for making the kitchen and bath cabinets.

The grain of the wood is quite patterned which gives the furniture made of oak a traditional yet rustic look. 

Red Oak

Red oak is yet another popular hardwood choice that you can pick for your kitchen or bath. The lighter brown color and the prominent grain pattern of this wood creates a distinctive look once it is stained with the right type of stain. 


Pine is one of the more affordable wood options in modern times. It can create a pretty rustic look suitable for traditional kitchens. However, before choosing this wood for your kitchen or bath, keep in mind that pine is a softer wood and can dent pretty easily.

You should use this wood for making your kitchen and bath cabinets if and only if you use them gently. The pale yellow color of the wood and the distinctive knots help it to match the look and feel of the traditional kitchen quite easily. 

While picking one of the above types of wood for your kitchen or bath cabinets you should keep in mind that the grain patterns and the color of the wood are pretty susceptible to the environmental changes.

So, you have to take great care of your wooden furniture to make sure that they last for a lifetime. In case you are not sure how to do that, don’t hesitate to call the professionals of Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company for help.