Styrofoam is a particular type of material that has several uses. Some of the most known applications of the Styrofoam include electrical insulation, building insulation, water barriers among many more applications. The Styrofoam is also used in making of plastic containers.

Our main aim in this article is to determine how effective are the Styrofoam when heating food in the microwave. Many people have been inquiring about this aspect for so long without any right answers. With the increase of some hazardous diseases such as cancer, many people fear to use all kinds of plastic containers to microwave their foods.

That is because there have been several rumors that some plastic containers, when heated, they produce some dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer. Therefore in our article, we are going to answer the question if you can microwave Styrofoam containers?

To answer the above question, we need to consider what happens when Styrofoam is heated. Let us look at the reactions that occur when Styrofoam is being heated.

When Styrofoam is heated in the microwave, the Styrofoam material expands as the temperatures increases. As the temperature increases, the material (Styrofoam) changes from solid into a liquid. As the Styrofoam melts, some of its contents enter the food and it’s hard to separate it. The container will melt and contaminate your food.

Therefore it is not safe to microwave your food using the Styrofoam container since you will consume some toxins in the material known as dioxins. Therefore always avoid microwaving your food using Styrofoam containers for good health.

Ways through which the carcinogen from the Styrofoam can affect you include;

· In case of eye contact

Among the several ways in which one can be affected by the carcinogenic properties from the melting of Styrofoam is through eye contact. This can happen to incase there is direct contact between the eye and the toxic materials from the Styrofoam. According to research, many people are being diagnosed with eye cancer due to several reasons. Thus always avoid microwaving such materials since they can result in severe eye problems.

· Through Skin contact

Since the dioxins from the melted Styrofoam are very dangerous. When they come into contact with your skin, it is essential to ensure there is no direct contact with such toxins and your skin. That is because research indicates that most of the skin cancer has been contacted this way. The present chemical Styrofoam affects the cells that are responsible for healthy skin. When those cells are killed, the health of skin starts to decline. Therefore it is essential to avoid such skin contact with the melted Styrofoam.

· Ingestion

Ingestion refers to the process of eating or drinking substance through the mouth. Therefore there is risk associated in this while taking something hot from the Styrofoam material. That happens when one has microwaved a Styrofoam material. What happens when you heat something in a container made of Styrofoam is that the chemicals present in the material mix with the food that you are taking. For instance, if you heated your tea in a container made of Styrofoam, the dioxins chemicals move from the container into the food you are eating. After eating that food, the toxins present kill your body cells slowly until your health deteriorates.

· Inhalation

Inhalation is another way the chemical from the Styrofoam can enter your body. Many people microwave this type of container without known their hazard. When the container is heated, it is clear that its will emit some radiations. The radiations emitted are carcinogenic when they enter the human body. Therefore it is always recommended to avoid inhaling the gases from the burnt from the Styrofoam material. That is because they can cause serious health problems.

Having known the effects of microwaving the Styrofoam, let us now look at the most effective steps of disposing Styrofoam materials and avoids their hazards. It is essential to remember these type of materials do not decompose, and therefore if they are wrongly disposed of, there are high chances of affecting the environment.

Some of the steps for disposing of Styrofoam materials include;

· Collect all the non-usable containers

This is the first step when you need to dispose of the Styrofoam materials carefully. Ensure you clean all the debris from the containers before disposal.

· Separate the Styrofoam materials from the other elements for placement.

This is the surest and safest way to ensure all the Styrofoam materials are in one place.

· Contact the authority in charge of the Styrofoam collection.

Here you are supposed to ensure you contact the appropriate agency for collection of those materials. You can confirm the collector’s identity before allowing them to collect the materials. If they are the right people for polystyrene drop team, now let them take the materials for disposal. 

Always avoid leaving any unrecyclable Styrofoam in your compound.

Therefore considering the above information if can one microwave Styrofoam containers; definitely, you now got all the essential information regarding that question.