If you have been looking for the proper step for cutting from your tree then this article has got you covered with the details.

You might be needing a cutting for several reasons like getting more of any plant, getting it trimmed, or just for the sake of ability to make it regrow. One of the most common reasons for getting a cutting has to do with the multiplication of plants.

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This mass multiplication is achieved through the process called hardwood tree cutting where a piece of plant material is extracted from the end of a Shrub. This process is done on the plants which have barky texture.

This hardwood tree cutting differs from the softwood tree cutting because it’s much harder. Softwood cutting involves the process of taking the cutting from soft tissues of the much easier plant.

Before starting the process you will be needing some materials like shrubs or any tree from which you will be cutting. Purchase 1% rooting hormone, a bag of sand coupled with the depressures for labeling.

Lastly, you will be making use of 4-inch pots. Let’s dive into the process of taking a cutting through the hardwood method.

Step #1 Of Tree Cutting

You simply need to start by snipping a piece of the plant from its parent.  The piece should be at least 3 inches long. Make sure to remove any flower or fruit which is present on the cutting.

Many people do not cut flowers or fruit but this step is vital as your plant will put the energy into making the flower.

You do not want it to divert the energy in that production process at the moment so just rip it off. Another mistake that people perform while cutting is not forming a 45-degree angle.

So if you have not made a clean cut with a 45-degree angle then the better approach is to try tree cutting again.

Step#2 Of Tree Cutting

The next step involves putting that piece into a 1.0 rooting hormone solution. If you are confused as to where to get the solutions from then you can easily find it at any greenhouse or with the florist.

You will find a liquid and powder form for this solution but prefer taking the liquid one which at first might seem expensive but it will be more effective in the long run. 

After the digging process, you need to place these pieces in soil close together.

This proximity is vital as it will be producing a hormone which will be released in the soil. You need to ensure that plants are sure of the hormone for faster growth of the root.

Make use of soil that retains moisture. If you have no idea then consult any local greenhouse owner who can guide you with the soil holds the moisture well.

After this process, you need to leave the tree cutting for 4 weeks and water them several times a day. Ensure that they are not drying out.

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Step#3 Of Tree Cutting

You need to then take the individual cutting and place it in a 4-inch pot you have initially bought.

Just keep it well watered and never over-fertilize. Bear In mined that over-fertilization will not help the process.