Most people don’t even realize how complicated headaches might be. It is not just because you are staring at the screen for so long or hearing loud noises that might cause your headache to spur.

There are multiple types available when it comes to headaches, and each one has its own set of symptoms, unique reasons or causes behind it, and the need for various treatments.

When you are sure of the type of headache you are suffering from, you can ask your doctor for the right kind of treatment for the same.

However, there are some unexpected reasons which might give rise to excruciating pain in the forehead and main skull regions. So, learning about those reasons might answer a lot of your unknown questions. So, let’s get right into that!

Your diet might be the cause behind tremendous headaches:

Most patients find that some kind of food can actually trigger headaches. One common element in most of these trigger foods will be MSG or monosodium glutamate. 

However, that does not mean you need to eliminate these kinds of foods from your diet completely. The chances are high that you might be susceptible to smaller dietary triggers or maybe none at all.

Gas leaks resulting in headaches:

If you ever come across any sort of gas leak at your place, one of the primary signs to know that is by feeling a terrible headache creeping up on you! Headache is one of the natural gas leak symptoms, which needs to be taken care of immediately!

Wearing unsupportive bras:

You didn’t expect this explanation for headache, isn’t it? Well, as per some of the health magazines, wearing unsupportive bras can cause some headaches, and there is a scientific reason behind it.

If you are wearing an unsupportive bra, it means your back and neck muscles have to work twice as hard for holding up your breasts. That will put pressure, resulting in headaches.

In recent surveys, it has been mentioned that around 80% of women are choosing the wrong bra size. So, it is time to get a good fitting right away!

Working out too intensely:

Whenever you are exercising or just exerting yourself physically, the muscles of the neck, head and scalp will need some more blood for circulating.

This might cause the blood vessels to just dilate. It results in exercise headaches or “exertional headaches.”

Slouching out a lot:

Spending a lot of time slouching on a desk chair on hunching over a laptop will cause some serious upper back, neck, and shoulder tension. This pressure will finally lead to unwanted headaches.

These are a few of the most unexpected reasons behind headaches. Keeping these points in mind will prevent you from further pain to a certain extent.