It may seem like a simple task, but getting rid of unused old furniture is easier said than done. Furniture is bulky and heavy; it obviously won’t fit in a trash bin. Tucking it away in the garage will only waste precious space in your home.

So is there really a way to dispose of that flea-infested couch? It will surprise you to know that, in fact, you have several options. 

Those planning to bid au revoir to their ancient belongings, take heed! Here are seven ways they can deal with unused furniture (aside from trying to forget it exists). 

Donate It 

What may seem old and unmanageable for you may be a treasure to others. Donating is an excellent way to get rid of your old items, even furniture. Not only will this help the less fortunate; it’s also safer for the environment.

Before donating your old furniture, you have to make sure the next owner can still make good use of it. Do a quick check of the following: 

When it’s good to go, the next step would be checking your local community for any donation centers and programs, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army. 

Leave It on the Curbside

Those who can’t be bothered with the packing and transport of bulky furniture will love this option: put it on the curb with a Free sign. Give it one to two days, and someone will likely take it!

But what if no one does? Well, here are a few tips to consider before giving it a try: 

Replacing It? Get It Hauled!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

People may want to get rid of their unused furniture because they’re getting a new one. In this case, they should try their luck with the delivery guys. Many times, these guys will be able to take the replaced furniture away free of charge. 

This is common practice among those that deliver large appliances, like laundry machines and refrigerators. To be sure, contact the company beforehand, and clarify the process. Also, expect to pay for the extra service, just in case.

Sell Old Furniture Online 

Of course, there’s the option that lets you make money! Furniture can be expensive, which is why some people prefer to get it secondhand at garage sales, thrift stores, and online marketplaces.

Given the uncertain times, the better option would be to sell your old furniture online. The good thing about listing on marketplaces is that it gets a wider reach than offline methods do. Plus, transactions are smoother and more secure when done on these trusted online platforms.

To meet customer expectations, sellers need to post clear product descriptions—the more detailed, the better. 

Take It to a Local Junk Shop 

Scrap dealers accept any metal furniture, such as metal chairs, bed frames, or cabinets. They even recycle spring mattresses once the cloth has been removed. 

It’s another option that’ll make some bucks, but you also have to consider if the metal in the furniture is ferrous or nonferrous. To find out, get a magnet, and see if it sticks to the metal. If it does, it’s ferrous. 

Most scrap yards will take both kinds, but they may pay more for nonferrous metals.

Hire a Junk-Removal Service

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Hiring a junk-removal service is a great option for those who need to move out really soon. It’s hassle-free and convenient. After setting up an appointment, the owner will expect professionals to arrive at their home and assess the cost of removing their furniture. 

The downside is that they wouldn’t get a quote until the truck arrives at their doorstep. The cost will depend on the number of items to be removed, so those planning to have a home wipeout may want to find a cheaper alternative. You can explore the internet to find some trustworthy rubbish clearance companies near you. If you are Portsmouth resident then House Clearance Portsmouth can be a great option for you. 

Take It to a Landfill  

If you’ve exhausted all your efforts trying to get rid of unwanted furniture but to no avail, then it may be best to just haul it to your local landfill. Depending on the size of the item, a regular-size pickup truck will be enough to carry your furniture to the area.

To avoid going back and forth, call the department beforehand to know if they’re open to public dumping or if they don’t accept a certain type of furniture.

Be Responsible 

Whatever option you choose, the most important thing is to be responsible in disposing of your trash. If you can’t find a good way to get rid of it, better to keep it at home until you find the best solution that works for you.