Since walls are the largest blank surfaces in our home, it is obvious why wall art can turn into an essential part of your interior design. Wall art does not necessarily have to refer to paintings.

Walls became much more creative, so you can hang pretty much anything you want. If the concept is right, you will get one of a kind design that is worthy of a magazine cover. But if you want your room to resemble a gallery, you can hang pictures from the floor to the ceiling, and the effect will be stunning.

What is Wall Art?

We are lucky to live in times when we have the freedom to play with interior design and be creative. But some boundaries have to exist, right? The only boundary interior design knows is called good taste.

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away in mixing and matching too many things. That is why you must always have a vision. Our idea is to give you some suggestions for beautiful and modern wall art ideas and tips on how to hang wall art and where to place it.

So, if you are looking for inspiration, or you are feeling stuck during renovating, here is something that will boost your creativity flow.

Creative Shelves 

Shelves are not only useful, but they can turn into a beautiful wall art installation that can carry books, plants, or photographs. Whether you opt for classic wooden ones or more contemporary and minimalistic metal shelves, you can go with several smaller and then arrange them on the wall.

The overall effect is going to be amazing, and you can forget about those plain, dull walls.

Gallery Wall

Paintings have been the favorite wall art items for centuries, and they are still trending. You can either opt for one large-scale piece of art or hang numerous paintings and photographs all over the wall.

Pay attention to the frames, mix, and match until you find a perfect combination that will compliment your space.

Metal Wall Art

Metal art is a huge trend in contemporary interior design, so whether you are looking for metal signs, writings, symbols, or sculptures, you cannot go wrong. Metal art is going to add a bit of rustic chic and industrial vibes to your home.

You can place one large-scale wall sculpture, for example, a world map, or you can combine several smaller pieces and shelves, it is up to you.

Modern Wallpapers

Wallpapers are trending again, but that doesn’t mean you should cover your entire house with them as our grandmothers did. Pick just one, central wall, and cover it with wallpapers. It will change the vibe and style of the entire room, and design and pattern options are numerous.

There are even wallpapers with 3D effect, with geometric or flower prints – basically, anything you can imagine can be found on wallpapers. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Every house has a mirror, but have you ever thought about having a wall full of mirrors? Install a few smaller and medium-size mirrors on one wall, curate them carefully, and make sure they all have cute and lavish frames. Your interior will resemble those modern, luxury hotel lobbies. 

How to Choose Wall Decor and Where to Hang It?

Most people don’t know how or are even afraid to start because they have this large plain surface ahead of them, and they are afraid they are going to mess up. You do not have to hire a professional interior designer to have a nice-looking interior!

You can do it all by yourself. We mentioned only some of the latest trends when it comes to wall art, but the reality is that options are numerous, and if you are a creative person into DIY projects, you can create something unique and custom. 

Pick something that you like, that goes with your personality and the rest of the house. Start from one wall.

Usually, it is enough to accent one wall, but that does not mean that others should stay blank, just keep it more subtle, because it is too easy to get carried away and overdo it. You have to find that fine balance and to know when to stop.

Tips on How to Hang Wall Decor, Without Ruining the Wall

If you do not have a plan, you are going to end up with so many holes and cracks in your wall, and it is all going to turn into one big frustration. If you are hanging multiple items, arrange them first on the floor.

Move them around until you find that perfect schedule, and take pictures while doing it, so you can easily go through them and find the best arrangement.

If you are planning on shopping, measure the wall first, and keep those measures in mind all the time. It is always good to leave some space for the wall to “breathe.” That means that if you are going for a one, large-scale painting, that is horizontal, there should be at least 6 to 12 inches of free space on both sides of it. 

If you have a sofa, a TV table, or a bed, and you want to hang something above it, you can do that, of course. Just pay attention that your wall art is not wider than, for example, your sofa. Wall art should be approximately the same length as the furniture beneath it, or smaller.

Another essential concern is height. If you hang something too high, no one is going to look at it, and if it is too low, it is going to be weird. In both cases, you are doing it wrong.

The general rule is to hang paintings at your sightline. When hanging something above furniture, leave around 6 or 8 inches of blank space between.

In case you are not sure about the height and space, use painter’s tape and frame the area where you want to hang your wall art to get the idea of how it goes with the rest of the setting. But keep in mind that not everything has to be perfectly symmetrical and in line.

The Bottom Line

We hope our recommendations inspired you and encouraged you to transform your living space. Today we have so many options and ideas for interior design that it is a shame to leave our walls blank.

Even if you are a fan of the minimalistic approach, we are sure some of these ideas can be applied in a subtle and minimalistic manner. So there are no excuses. Everyone can turn into an interior designer for a day and customize its living space.

Author’s Bio:

Since traveling to different places fascinates her, Karen used her escapades to see the world’s best home interior designs and styles. She graduated with a degree in Interior Designing and is practicing for several years now. When she’s energized, you will often see her name on different blogs as she writes some of the best designs along with their photographs.