When the temperatures drop, it’s time to start preparing your home for the winter! To prevent your home from experiencing the extremes of the harsh winter months, you’ll want to begin winterizing your home before the cold months even come.

There are a few steps that you can take to ensure you and your home are safe and cozy during the winter season.

Don’t let winter hit you with damages to your home or increases in energy bills. Instead, continue reading below for the best ways to give yourself peace of mind. Below are tips for winterizing your home. 

warm home during winter

1. Window Insulation Film 

A window insulation film is an easy way to winterize your home. It’s easy to install on your windows and doesn’t take much time at all.

The appearance of it isn’t the best as you’ll be stuck looking at a piece of film on your windows throughout the entire season. However, it’ll help keep your home insulated, which you’ll end up appreciating. 

The film works to keep all heat inside your home and all cold outside by not letting a draft come through the cracks around the windows. 

2. Weatherstrip Tape

Weatherstripping is another simple way to keep the draft out. Cold weather has a way of seeping through cracks in both windows and doors.

To prevent this from happening, place weather stripping on all doors and windows where they meet your home’s walls. 

The tape is simple to use and again, won’t take much time to do so. 

3. Draft Guards 

It’s not uncommon for heat to travel under the doors in your home. If you have a rather drafty room in your house, place a draft guard under the door to keep the heat from leaving you.

Any door whether an exterior one or an interior one that’s allowing heat to escape should have a draft guard underneath it. 

This is another simple and quick fix!

4. Clean Gutters

The inside of your home isn’t the only thing that needs some attention. Before the winter comes, be sure to clean all gutters. You want the water from melted snow to flow through your gutters as smoothly as possible. 

If there’s something blocking the flow of water in your gutters, you’re risking leaks and other damages to your home. 

5. Flush out Your Water Heater

During the winter, you want your water heater to work to its best abilities. To ensure this can happen, be sure to flush out your water heater. Sediment and particles can accumulate at the bottom of your heater. 

Cleaning it out prevents future troubles. Your pipes will also need to be insulated to keep from bursting. To do this, you can create foam protectors to place over them.

For more information on keeping your plumbing winterized, be sure to find a plumber and contact them for professional help!

Follow These Tips for Winterizing Your Home!

Winter can be harsh on both you and your home. Follow these tips for winterizing your home listed above. Following these tips is the best way to ensure that you and your home get through the winter safe and cozy!

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