Aquaox is a trusted supplier of whole house water filters. These systems provide fresh, clear, and clean water that the unit filters throughout every area within the home instead of merely servicing the kitchen sink. Water cannot pass into the house without going through this entry point at the main water line.

As you can see on the company website at the system’s aim is essential to stopping contaminants as fine as sand and sediment from finding their way into the household supply. Depending on your location, numerous pathogens, bacteria, and varied particles in your water present as harmful for drinking and even breathing. 

It’s always wise for homeowners to have their water tested and consider the option of a whole house water filter to ensure a healthy, safe, and tasty drinking choice. 

FAQs On Whole house Water Supply Water Filter Systems

A whole house water filter like those by Aquaox is a system that affixes to the house’s primary water supply. The core filter cleans any water coming into the household, whether for showering, washing laundry, cooking, or drinking from the tap. In addition, it gets rid of any debris, including harmful bacteria, pathogens, particles, even those as fine as sand and sediment.

With an all-inclusive filtration unit like this, each faucet is free of individual filters, and you won’t need the addition of a filtered pitcher full of water to keep in the fridge.

A key benefit is that it is eco-friendly compared to buying plastic bottled water. Not only can you avoid the waste, but you can save a great deal of cost by using your own healthy, clean, fresh, safe water from your tap. Learn details on the units at Some other FAQs of which you might not be aware.

** There Are Different Types Of Filtration Systems

The most common and among the most popular include reverse osmosis and the activated carbon. The activated carbon is ideal for eliminating harmful chemicals and other types of disinfectants, and reverse osmosis cleanses chemicals as well as varied “microbial” types of contamination.

** The Purpose Of The Whole House Filter

The unit is responsible for tidying the water supply from a broad array of harmful substances that find their way into the water supply. These include heavy metals like mercury, copper, lead, pesticides, chlorine, arsenic, rust, radon, bacteria, “volatile organic compounds” or VOCs, parasites, and other pathogens. 

The unit is not only capable of thoroughly eliminating the nasty particles, but it also presents a better tasting and odor-free supply that you can actually enjoy. In this way, you can begin to drink significantly greater water quantities, and more so, the kids will want to consume larger amounts.

** Who Can Benefit The Most From These Systems

The suggestion for homeowners is to have your household water tested in a certified lab for your state to learn precisely the level of contaminants in the supply and exactly which ones. In addition, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency offers guidelines for homes serviced by private wells relating to safety.

The quality of your supply can have severe effects on those living in the home, particularly those of more delicate health, like infants, seniors, any with an ongoing illness or who may be immune-compromised, and pregnant women. 

Filtration keeps the harmful particles from getting into the household and allows you to maintain an atmosphere of safety and health for those who might otherwise be at risk.

You don’t need to invest in environmentally unfriendly bottled supplies. There are no guarantees these are safe anyway since no paperwork comes with the packaging to show authentic testing results or ingredients.

** Added Advantages You Might Not Realize

Since chlorine is filtered out, you won’t have the risk of inhaling the vapors, which is a more significant hazard than drinking it with the water, particularly for someone with allergies or potentially asthmatic. 

Iron is also eliminated, a known compound that will turn to rust in the plumbing, not to mention clean laundry. So if you wash clothes in filtered water, you won’t have exposure to these harsh chemicals that also have the potential to break your skin out in intense rashes.

** DIY Project Or Professional Installation

Many homeowners prefer to DIY as many home projects as possible to save time, effort, but most of all, costs. Unfortunately, the whole house filtration is not a straightforward process that a DIY enthusiast will find easy to install. It’s actually much better to have an Aquaox technician handle the process so it’s correctly done since it will affect the whole water supply. Look here for DIY guidelines.

Once everything is set up, the actual maintenance and upkeep relating to financial obligation and inconvenience are minimal with the necessity for only occasional filters replaced, done one time per year, or the filter media as soon as every three years. 

Generally, you can anticipate a complete professional installation in approximately an hour with minor inconvenience.

Final Thought

As mentioned, all homeowners should engage in water testing from a certified lab within their state to determine the level of contamination and what pathogens the supply contains. 

Well, water is on another level, with the EPA providing guidelines on their standards. Employing a whole house filtration system is a cost-effective approach to bringing fresh, clear, clean, and healthy water into your household. 

These take all the nasty contaminants out, including the heavy metals, bacteria, pathogens, particles like sand and sediment, rust, and chlorine, so even breathing the supply is not harmful. But, of course, you can’t say that for standard kitchen sink filters.

The only thing is making sure to have an Aquaox professional installer come to set the system up so it’s adequate. The filtration unit is not something meant for DIY. However, that doesn’t mean that maintenance and upkeep are complex.

It involves merely changing the filters and the filter media, the least of which is every year. Other than that, you simply enjoy good-tasting, clean water every day.