Everyone knows that wines are luxury items that only a few can have. Wines are often associated with the elite class. Having even a single, valuable bottle of it can speak volumes when it comes to status and prestige. In the past, wines were the choice drink of kings, queens, and emperors. Nowadays, people have access to those drinks, and they often feel like royalty when they taste and own world-class wine.

For others, wine isn’t just a luxurious item waiting to be gobbled up. For some, they think of wine as art. For a lot of wine connoisseurs, the very process of winemaking is in itself an art form. If you’re one of the people that agree, everyone must know the importance of adequately storing their wine. 

Whether your Investment Grade Wines are for business or more aesthetic purposes, wine should be treated with care and respect. Here are some more tips and reasons why you should store your wine properly.

Wines are valuable collections

As mentioned earlier, wines are considered by many to be luxury items. The lavish feel of having an expensive wine makes them perfect collector’s items as well. In fact, the world’s most expensive wine sold for $500,000. A single bottle of the Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon was able to fetch this record amount at the 2000 Napa Valley wine auction.

Imagine having something of that worth in your collection. Would you allow it to sit on top of your fridge? How about inside your cupboard? In the long run, these collector’s items can fetch even more money granted that it is kept in perfect condition. 

Wine tastes better when stored properly

Correctly storing your wine can significantly affect its taste and quality. That’s why it’s essential to store them in a safe place. You should also know which wines need refrigerating. For starters, white wine tastes best when chilled. Most people prefer white wines chilled because of the high acid content in them, which often taste crisper when cold.

Red wine shouldn’t be chilled because it is perfect as it is. Opened red wine bottles should always be stored in room temperature as they taste good that way. It wouldn’t make sense to put red wine inside the fridge only to bring it out and warm it for consumption. The sudden drops of temperature also alter the chemistry of the wine, therefore changing its taste as well.

Properly storing your wine preserves its quality

Before chucking away every bottle of wine you see, ask the store or winery where your wine came from if it was meant to age. Wines that can age are more expensive than typical wines. Storing these wines carelessly will ruin the taste and quality.

Store your wine in a dark place, as sunlight and other light sources can degrade it faster than usual. It’s also a good idea to keep them away from any vibrating surfaces or machinery. The constant shaking will surely ruin your wine’s taste. Be sure not to expose them to oxygen for long periods. Oxygen might be useful for respiration, but it’s a pest for wines and wine keepers as it can quickly destroy expensive wines by turning it to vinegar.

Properly storing your wine preserves its total value

As mentioned above, storing wine properly can maintain its taste and quality. However, taste and quality aren’t just what makes up a fine wine. Its overall value is also important. Most wine connoisseurs often consider wines pristine when their content, as well as the bottles, labels, and corks, are in great shape.

Traditionally, wines were placed sideways to keep the liquid against the cork. Having the liquid against the cork, prevents it from drying, therefore protecting the contents of the bottle more effectively. Another reason why you should keep your wines horizontally is that it’s more efficient. It also doesn’t harm the wine in any way.

Having a neat wine rack is an excellent focal point

Wines are often status symbols for the rich and famous. For those who love wine, they consider owning bottles of wine as their own personal treasure. For those who want to show off their, treasure, storing wine the right way is a good place to start.

You’ll notice these wine racks when you’re dining in a fancy restaurant or if you’re visiting a wine connoisseur’s home. Properly arranging bottles of wine in a rack attracts customers and makes them feel that they’re in the presence of royalty. For wine lovers, these racks are usually in their basements which are free from molds, sunlight, vibrations, and moisture.


When you think of wine, you think immediately of elegance and royalty. It’s only fitting to think so, as the process of winemaking is delicate and needs careful attention. Between a mix of science and art, wines are masterpieces for their creators and owners as well. 

Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts know the value of their wine collection. Their love for wine is the reason why they make every condition perfect for their wines. When you store them properly, you’re preserving its taste, quality, and most importantly, its value.