Living in a cozy environment is everyone’s desire. And making a cozy atmosphere depends on the color scheme of the house.

When it comes to painting a house, one recent popular trend is coating the wall of the house with different shades of wine. It is because the wine shade is relaxing and charming. 

To make your home an elegant one, do not paint different rooms of the use with one shade of wine color. Instead, you need to use multiple colors. How? Let’s discuss which wine color is suitable for which particular room? 

wine themed home decor


After a hectic working day, the bedroom is the place where you want to have a sound sleep to recharge yourself for the next working day. So, most coziness you expect is from the bedroom.

Paint the main wall of the bedroom with a warm color like plum, and to offset the warming effect, paint the other walls with some cream or white color will make your bedroom a pleasant place to rest at night. 

To make a regal mode inside the bedroom, spread a fur rug on the floor and ornate the mirror. After incorporating these two things, your ordinary bedroom will turn into a regal bedroom. 


To create a clean look at your kitchen, paint the wall of the room with a white wine color like champagne or chardonnay.

Kitchens are often naturally lit. When you use a subtle color like the color of champagne there, your cooking environment will turn into a pleasant working place. 

Living Room

The living room is the place where you can show your pleasant side of your nature to the guests.

Painting the wall of the room with rich brown color in conjunction with spreading a wine color rug on the floor, scattering a few pillows here and there and dangling a sheer curtain in the window will make the living room of your house attractive and charming to the guests.


The wine color is bold and elegant. The bathroom is the ideal place where you can decorate the wall of the place with a splash of wine color to make your bathing place attractive and charming.

With a bold color of wine, when you use white color bathroom fixtures, your bathroom will look gorgeous.

Apart from painting your bathroom with wine shade, another way to make it a colorful place is by installing an LED shower head there. The LED shower head adds some classic look to your bathing place, and emits different colors of light, making the bathroom a multicolored place.   

Stairwells and Hallways 

For these two places, again, a splash of bold wine color will make them elegant. To make a hallway and Stairwells more noticeable, hung some artworks, paintings, and sculptures there.

Add Some Additional Colors in Your Home

Yes, you can add some additional colors to boost the decor of your home. But how? Look at the floor of a room. There is no harm if you place a rug on the floor that includes wine-colored suture in its design.

It is a small investment, but the trade-off is fantastic. In addition, the rug will hide the wine stain if you spill wine on the floor. Not only a concealer, but a floor rug also shows your aristocracy. 

Make an Idyllic Atmosphere Inside The Room

The color combination can make a romantic and intimate atmosphere inside the room. Coupling rich colors, for example, plum and burgundy with light colors like coral slightly l pink color inside the room, will make a comfy environment inside the room. 

Create a Modern Looking Living Room

Many people are bored with setting up traditional furniture in their living room. So the emergence of some unique design furniture in the market.

But setting up new design furniture demands a new type of painting in your room. To match the modern design furniture, you need to pairing burgundies and plums so that the room looks beautiful.

However, refrain from using bright colors like dandelion yellow and red with modern shape furniture, which will make your room super odd. 


The inclusion of shades of wine in home decoration is a new color craze. And, this trendy style quickly became popular since the color idea makes your home stylish and charming. It appears the trend will retain the popularity for many more years.