Is your house safe and secure? You might think so, but on your next vacation, you’re not the only one looking forward to your trip. Burglars rely on the kind of people who believe that their home is thief-proof. Instead of coming home to find your house broken into, do the following steps to secure your home from burglars. Protect your valuables and start acting now.

5 Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home Effectively

1. Add a lock on your front door

Your front door is the most prominent entryway as it is where you often use to come in and go out. You may think that your entry know is enough to keep your house protected, but the truth is far from that. You may have watched a movie where burglars easily hack a doorknob. There are even a lot of “how to hack a doorknob article available on the internet.”

Keep yourself and your family safe and secure by adding a keyless number-pad lock whose combination you can quickly change. You can also make use of smart locks. Technology has advanced so far as turning your smartphone into a digital key which you can use to unlock a deadbolt. Lastly, you can call in the experts and do a lock repair when you find a lousy lock.

2. Secure sliding doors

Patio doors are vulnerable for burglars to break into anytime. Most often, their locks are flimsy. To increase your security, you can do the following. First, prevent the door from being opened forcefully by installing a bolt behind the sliding door. Then, you can install a detector that can detect when the glass-breaks to help scare off thieves who plan on smashing the door.

3. Don’t show off

Avoid placing your valuables in places where people can easily see it from the outside. Make your house less appealing and don’t advertise what you have. Place your appliances and gadgets away from windows. Don’t place boxes and packaging from big-ticket things on your curb for display. It will attract the attention of burglars. Lastly, don’t leave your curtains open when you’re away. You’re only giving criminals a peek into your homes.

4. Trim your plants

Avoid overgrowing your plants and don’t plant too many. You’ll be creating the perfect spot for criminals to hide. Your house will become an easy target for burglars. Keep your windows and front door visible to your neighbors. If you are away for a long time, ask a trusted neighbor to mow and water your lawn. Parched lawns and tall grass can send criminals a signal that someone is not at home.

5. Install motion detector lights

A lot of burglars caught by the police have confessed to not liking motion detector lights. Having a well-lit house exterior deters criminals as they don’t want to risk being spotted. Motion-Activated lighting can startle burglars when they suddenly turn on. The sudden light catches the attention of your neighbors who can call the police. Burglars may even panic as they don’t know who is turning the lights on or if it is a motion detector.


In summary, these five ways are great for theft-proofing your home. Keep these in mind to start securing your house and your valuables. The next time you go on a vacation, you won’t have to worry about burglars knowing that your house and valuables are safe and secure.

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