Clean air in your home takes more than dusting occasionally and airing out the house. Most homes run air conditioning and heating for the majority of the time, which limits the exchange of clean, fresh air. Air duct cleaning is a way to help eliminate the allergens that enter the home and have a hard time leaving.

Irritants In the Air You Breathe at Home

As homes are increasingly designed to keep the interior environment separate from the outside world, the air indoors becomes increasingly filled with pollutants that stick around. Things like dust, mold, pollen, germs, bacteria, pet dander, pet hair, and chemical pollutions from engineered products in the home create air that causes red eyes, runny noses, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and generalized fatigue. Cleaning the air ducts is one way to reduce this problem.

Will duct cleaning eliminate germs?

Cleaning the surfaces of the air ducts from the germs and bacteria that circulate through the air is one way to lessen the amounts in your home. Taking the extra step to sanitize the surfaces provides even more protection for you and your family.

Does duct cleaning remove cooking odors?

Cooking odors can build up over months and years and often go unnoticed by the people that reside in the home. Duct cleaning can help remove these odors and the small particles of grease that travel through the air and attach to vents, registers, and ducts.

Is duct cleaning recommended for smokers?

Smoking cigarettes and cigars in the home can leave an overwhelming smell that permeates everything. The residue can discolor heating and cooling vents, registers, filters and the surfaces of the ductwork. Removing the smoke residue from the air will make the air healthier to breathe. It benefits people as well as pets in your home.

Mold, Pollen, and Ductwork

Any tiny openings in your ducts can allow moisture to enter. A little bit of moisture, darkness, and a smooth surface is all that is needed for mold to begin multiplying. Physical removal is required when it starts to take over; Pollen can also create breathing problems for those that have allergies and asthma. Removing the loose pollen from the ducts will help ease the symptoms.

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