Why Not Hire Ant Control Experts in Toronto?

Lack of ant control can create havoc in your business or home especially after years of infestations. The good news is you can easily eradicate ants in your premises by letting the ant exterminator experts do their job. There cannot be better professionals in this filed like the ones at Power Pest Control company.

Their team of experts is equipped with the best safety equipment and chemicals that deal with ants on time without causing harm or destruction to your premises, pets or family. They use simple and effective process in dealing with the ants.

Ant Removal Process

By contacting these experts in Toronto, you are sure to say goodbye to ants in your home and business. Depending on the various species of ants, these ant exterminators use various processes in dealing with them. Some of these species common in Ontario include:

  • Carpenter ants – these are the most prevalent and are very fast in multiplying. They are usually black or brown with a red tinge. They are usually found in your door, insulation, and even walls. Although many assume they feed on woods, they just chew it into sawdust but feed on plants and common foods.
  • Pharaoh ants – they usually range from yellow to light brown. They are the most common ants in Toronto that stay indoors. They just need a warm and comfortable environment for them to reproduce hugely.
  • Pavement ants – they are usually known for making sand pyramids around your house. They take advantage of cracks in the paved areas and make it their home.

You notice that all these require different methods to deal with. Ant experts in Toronto like Power Pest Control follow the following process:

  1. Provide a rough estimate. This is usually done through the phone by ant exterminators. They understand your concern and from that they make you understand their price estimates. After deliberation, the papers are signed.
  1. Inspection – ants can be in various places even in the most hidden and unimaginable places. These experts are aware of the prime suspect places. They will also identify the ant species that’s giving you a headache.
  1. Treatment. After you are satisfied with their inspection, they usually commence the treatment. Every treatment process is different because of the diverse ant species.

Ant Control Toronto – Ant Pest Exterminator in GTA are your local ant control expertswho have diverse knowledge in dealing effectively with ants. So what are some of the places where ants can invade in your building?

Prime Locations in Your House for Harboring Ants

With Ontario alone having more than 100 species of ants, you are sure to have ants in your compound. Although your building may look impenetrable, ants will always have their way into your house especially because they feed on human foods. You can easily find them:

  • Under your windows
  • Around your door frames
  • In the roof eaves
  • In the decks
  • In the porches
  • Around the sunroofs

Nevertheless, when it comes to building their nests, they build them:

  • In the soil
  • Near foundations
  • Under concrete slabs
  • In the doorway entrances


Power Pest Control experts in Toronto are there to help you exterminate ants in your home and make them a thing of the past. Call them today and begin your journey to an ant-free home.