Many components are to be considered before getting the roof done, but generally, there are five basic components of all roof systems that are very important to be considered:



Proper ventilation holds the key to the roof system durability. Without proper ventilation, the heat and moisture buildup in the attic area and rot the sheathing and rafters. Due to poor ventilation, the insulation becomes useless and the roof shingles start to buckle.

Therefore, keeping the roof ventilation sources free of blockage is very important. It helps preventing damage that can be done due to moisture hence increase roof life and helps controlling energy consumption and increases comfort level of home especially area under the attic.

Along with the proper air flow, insulation is also an important factor for proper ventilation in attic area. The insulation on the floor should be in gap free layers to prevent any heat gain or loss. Vapor retarder must be installed under the insulation to prevent moisture in the attic area. There muse be open spaces properly located for free in and out flow of air. The space between the roof sheathing and insulation must be more than an inch.


Below are a few factors that hurt the roof system the most in Dearborn MI.


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