Circular saws are mostly known in the construction industry for their versatility and the amount of power they offer without being impossible to handle for anyone but experts. 

These saws are made both for precision and heavy work which is quite rare so it has quickly become a must have tool especially if you’re into wood working. 

A circular saw being so feature rich does not mean it has to be heavy or any less portable. There are quite a number of wireless lightweight circular saws that completely run on batteries. 

If you’re on the lookout for such a circular saw then these tips will tell you some important considerations you have to make.

Tips to Find the Best Battery Circular Saw

1. Get a slightly more powerful saw that what you require

How much power you need will always depend on the type of material you’re going to be working on. Thicker and denser materials are harder to cut through and hence require substantially more power.

Every material has a recommended power range but it is always better to get a saw that is slightly more powerful as it will ensure that the blade does not get stuck while working. It ensures a smooth and comfortable experience throughout the saw’s life cycle.

2. Get one with proper safety features included

Any circular saw, including a light weight battery powered one, carries a certain amount of risk with it. It poses a threat to both the user and itself if not used properly. So, it is very important that you always have certain features that are capable of preventing these.

One such feature is a trigger delay which adds a slight delay from when you press the trigger to when the blade actually starts spinning. 

This is a great way to prevent accidental uses. Another one to look for is a kickback protector. This not only keeps the user safer but also saves the saw itself from unwanted damage.

3. Ensure that it is comfortable to handle 

In case of a tool like circular saw, the comfort factor isn’t just a quality of life improvement. Being able to comfortably handling it is paramount to its accuracy. This is why you should always look for a saw that you find comfortable working with.

A good place to start with when gauging comfort level is the handle and grip. The placement and construction make a lot of difference to how much fatigue it causes over long periods of usage. So, always pay attention to how easy it is to hold and keep the grip for more than a few minutes.

4. Depth controls are very important

In almost every case, the accuracy of your cut depends heavily on how well the saws depth adjustment works. It is a feature that is present on most saws but not all of them implement it well enough.

You should always look out for one that offers good depth settings and lets you freely adjust it whenever necessary. A removable blade guard will also go a long way in this process and must be taken into consideration during purchase.

5. Select the appropriate shoe style

There are different types of shoe styles that battery powered circular saws come with and each of them are better for a certain purpose. 

If you’re looking for something that will handle better but is also a bit heavier, a circular saw with cast iron finish would do great. 

If you want to go for a lighter model and wouldn’t mind some loss in stability a poly carbonate or some other lighter shoe options will be available.

 It all comes down to personal preference and none of them are in all cases better than the other. You have to get a feel for them and see which suits you best depending on the kind of work you do.


Circular saws are fantastic tools for woodworking and they give the user a lot of power and versatility. You will always have a lot of options at your disposal on how to use the saw, especially if you go with a battery powered one. 

These few tips should give you a better idea on what you should be looking for in a wireless circular saw and hopefully make a better decision.