Table Saw vs Circular Saw

mitre saw

When it comes to carpentry, there are several manual and power tools to choose from. It’s difficult for a beginner to decide which tool would be the best companion for his/her work. Don’t worry; I will help choose the most versatile saw for the types of cuts you need. In this article, I am going […]

Tips to Find the Best Battery Circular Saw

how to find the best battery circular saw

Circular saws are mostly known in the construction industry for their versatility and the amount of power they offer without being impossible to handle for anyone but experts.  These saws are made both for precision and heavy work which is quite rare so it has quickly become a must have tool especially if you’re into […]

How to Choose The Best Sliding Table Saw

sliding table saw

They can be modified as per your choice and they are also good at cutting plastic material as well. so you don’t have to be worried when you have some plastic work to complete the wood project. If you are planning on remodeling or building your home or any structure that built with woodworking, making […]