It can be tricky to paint the place you open your eyes to every day. It’s important to make sure your bedroom is filled with colors that soothe and energize you at the same time.

Choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, however, can be made easier if you base it on your style or personality. Check out six of the most popular color schemes this year.

For the Pastel Lover

The combination of gentle pastel shades in one palette looks fresh and timely in the Color Palette #1883. The central place is given to the warm sand color, which creates a balance between shades of pink and lilac.

The color scheme sets to the romantic mood, so it is suitable for the interior decoration of a bedroom or nursery and will look harmonious in the wardrobe of young girls.

For the Adventurer

The Cavern Clay Color Palette of Sherwin-Williams is perfect for those who are free-spirited and wants to travel around the world.

Sun-washed and warm, these Earth Tone colors come from natural things around us: brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky, as well as the red sun. This palette can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere.

For the Homebody

Cropped Tones, which are lavenders and soft greens mixed, and with neutral tones thrown in, are the perfect bedroom color palette for those who would love to stay in and relax all day.

Cropped Tones is the perfect relaxation palette due to the presence of the colors lavender and soft green.

Lavender is the perfect shade of purple, and it doesn’t overwhelm the room. Whereas, as the color of the natural world, green walls will bring you feelings of serenity and contentment.

For the Vibrant Lover

The Color Palette #1665 is made for those who believe that there should always be a pop of color in a particular space. The Color Palette #1665 is made for someone who’s passionate and energetic.

It is created from a combination of shades of a dark blue-blue sky with glares of autumn greenery, bright magenta fruits. The palette is balanced by a saturated yellow color, which is bright but calm.

It gives the feeling of a warm September holiday, tranquility and mental relaxation.

For the Person in Between

The Naturalist palette ranges from mushroom to leafy green to bright floral pink, and it is everything. It is the perfect color palette for those who want neutrals but isn’t afraid of some color.

The color palette which comes of with a minimal tone, but is mixed with an array of colors is an implication of having the best of both worlds between minimal and maximal concerning design and ambiance.

For the Flexible Deviant

The Muted Tones Color Palette takes everything from the ancient ages and translates it into a vibrant and modern palette. It is the perfect color palette for those who want to create a mixed ambiance of traditionally elegant and modernly chic.

The color palette uses muted gold and off-white tones contrasted against sharper blacks and whites to create a stunning contrast. Simple, minimal, and elegant, this palette is merely fit for any sophisticated design you may embark upon.

Hire Experienced Professionals

Many homeowners assume they can save on the labor costs and perform interior house painting themselves with the same outcome as a professional painter.   

While there are always exceptions, the majority of people don’t know the proper steps, don’t do the research or they don’t have the experience required.

In short, don’t try to do it yourself. If possible, hire a professional painter for it is a specialized trade with experience required. Moreover, you can check out the Madani Group Painting and Stucco Coating for experienced painters.


Ultimately, if you decorate honestly, other people will appreciate it because it’s you, even if they’d never decorate their personal space in the same way.

Consequently, if you want to make every room in your house green, white and metallic, go for it. You can make any color scheme look good as long as it genuinely suits your personality and style.

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