A place where we are most vulnerable is a place located just inside our homes. It is a place with shared memories of our own selves and where we most often make decisions. This is where we feel comfortable and subtle since we can be free as much as we want in this place. This is no other than our bedroom.

Our bedroom is a manifestation of how we are as a person because it reflects our comfort. But as the saying goes, “The only constant thing in the world is change” so our personality constantly changes as well. Thus, our bedroom too.


How often do you redesign your bedroom? Or should I ask, how often do you feel like changing its theme? Redesigning our bedroom can be problematic as it requires much attention and strategization. So, we have listed down the things that you should consider when you finally decide to redesign your bedroom.


  1. Timely Style.


A person can have a lot of styles. But it is important that you choose which styles do you want to include in your bedroom. Having a style or a “theme” makes the layout of your bedroom matched with your personality. This is because having a style will make it more you. Always remember that your bedroom is place where you empower yourself as you. So surround yourself with the things that you’re most comfortable seeing.


  1.  Matching Furniture


This more of an addition to number 1. If you have already identified your style, then getting matching furniture will not be a big deal. Let’s say your theme is “wooden”, the of course, most, if not all, your furniture would be made of wood. Opt to get a wooden bed (Revival Beds is great place to start looking), wooden cabinets and wooden table for it will complete the “wooden” theme for your room. Wooden beds are also classic because it can be used in most styles, even in modern ones. Again, identifying matching furniture would be a lot easier if you have our own style.


  1. Useful Layout.


The layout of your bedroom should also be useful aside from stylish. Take note of the things you enjoy doing inside this place so you can make it more useful. Do you do most of your takeaway jobs there? Do you often watch movies in your bedroom? If yes, make sure that you have an area for the things you often do in your bedroom. In this way, your bedroom is not just only a sanctuary but can be a world of your own.


  1. Helpful Storage.


           One of the most important things to consider when redesigning your bedroom is the storage. Having proper storage units will definitely help you layout your bedroom more efficiently. If for example your style is wooden, wooden boxes are always timely and at the same time, helpful. It makes your bedroom more organized and keeps your mind organized too. Wooden boxes beside your wooden bed would be really interesting!


  1. Colors and Lighting.


           Again, this is connected to your style. Colors make everything more accurate and more like you. Colors set the bedroom mood and so is yours. Consider researching for color meanings and decide whether you want your room to be calm and relaxed or extreme and happy. It’s up to you. In case you decide not to put so much colors in it, lighting would be your best friend.


Keep in mind that your bedroom is a place where you can be at your strongest or weakest self. Treat it as someone who sees every bit of you. Treat is as your closest friend. Set the mood, share memories and be free. Your bedroom is you.

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